When you host a party in your house, there is bound to be leftover food. People often throw them out, not knowing what can be done with the prepared food. Thousands of people go hungry every day, so it would be terrible if you had to throw out cooked food that hungry people could otherwise consume. Instead, you can donate the cooked food to local charities that feed the poor and the hungry. Or you may also pack the food and give them to the homeless people you see on the road. Continue reading this article to learn valuable tips about preserving your leftover food. 

Separate The Food: When you invite guests over, many things are served at the table. Now, once everyone is gone and there is still food left on the table, you must separate the type of food and preserve them separately. For example, if you have cut fruits and vegetables, you can put them in vacuum sealer bags and keep them safely in the fridge. When raw foods are kept in vacuum-sealed bags, they stay fresh for longer. 

  • Use different vacuum bags for different fruits to increase their shelf life. 
  • You can also vacuum seal raw meat and vegetables. 
  • Once they are fully sealed, add date labels on the bags. The date on the bag will help one determine how long the pack’s content will stay fresh. 
  • Be sure to use the food in a few days before it goes bad. 

Give Them Away: Suppose you are moving to a new apartment or shifting to a different location for work. You have decided to cook everything in the fridge because you had to utilize the contents before you leave. So you have arranged to host a party to make use of all the excess food. If you have leftovers at the end of the event, you can just pack the food and give it to your guests. In this way, everyone can take a piece of a deliciously home-cooked meal with them, and you avoid food wastage. 

Dehydrate The Food: Have you heard of food dehydration? If not, you must check it out. A food dehydrator is a machine that allows the drying out of foods. (alprazolam) For example, you can easily place your cut fruits inside the machine and dehydrate them without hassle. Once you have dried fruits, you can store them in containers and use them for an extended period. 

Prep Your Meal: Meal prepping is in vogue right now. If you are a working professional with no time to cook daily food, you will love meal-prepping that allows one to prepare the meals beforehand so that one does not need to make fresh food every single day. In addition, those who are conscious about one’s weight and diet often consider meal prep as it allows one to monitor one’s diet. 

Prevent Food Wastage: Do you often have leftover food? If yes, it is time to change how you consume food. One must measure food before making and ordering in to stop food wastage. When you cook at home, be sure to follow the recipe step by step to avoid making more than necessary. 


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