10 Clever Ways To Bring Color Into Your New Space

Ways To Bring Color
Red chair and blue carpet near couch in colorful living room interior with ficus and posters

When decorating a new space, many homeowners tend to settle with neutral colors as they’re safe and exude a monochromatic, minimalistic aesthetic. But wouldn’t it be fun if you also brought more color into your space? After all, colors can easily set the mood and tone of your house. In this blog, you will know 10 Clever Ways To Bring Color Into Your New Space.

There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on how you want them to affect your home’s atmosphere. You can go for energetic and upbeat hues or opt for the calming and relaxing ones. Either way, adding a bit more color will surely breathe new life into your space.

Now that you’ve decided to play with and make the most of colors for your home, you may be wondering how you can pull it off. To help you out, here are 10 clever tips you can follow:

1. Paint One Wall

Many of you are probably used to painting the whole space in one color. To add another shade, choose one specific wall and coat it with a different color contrasting the other walls.

For instance, if you’ve painted the other walls with a subtle or neutral color, you can paint the wall you choose with a bold hue. Meanwhile, if the other walls are dark, coat the separate wall with a lighter tone.

2. Bring In A Piece Of Art 

If the thought of painting one wall differently is overwhelming, you can take small steps and start incorporating colors through your decoration. You can bring in pieces of colorful art such as canvas prints of landscapes, abstracts, or framed family photos and hang them on the walls to add color to that area.

If you’re in the mood to splurge, you can buy new collections of art. But if you want to save up, you can reuse your existing artworks, utilize your family photos, or make canvas art of your own.

3. Use A Colorful Rug

Having a rug in a particular room can make the area cozier and more inviting. But with a colorful and patterned rug, you can add texture and accent to your space as well. So try placing one on top of your hardwood flooring or carpeting in a contrasting color.

4. Add More Toss Pillows

If you have a neutral-colored rug, you can bring in more color by adding colorful toss pillows. If your furniture and wallpaper are already colorful or patterned, make sure you choose toss pillows in solid hues. Meanwhile, if your wallpaper only has one solid color, then it’s a good idea to incorporate toss pillows with patterns and designs.

5. Incorporate Elements Of Mother Nature

Another easy way to add color to your new space is by incorporating the elements of Mother Nature. The beauty of nature is that it’s naturally rich in vibrant hues such as flowers and indoor plants.

If you’re new to having greenery indoors, start with artificial plants and flowers, and from there you can experiment on how you’d want them to create an accent in your space. For the green thumbs, you can incorporate your favorite real flowers and indoor plants as not only do they brighten up any room, but they also come with health benefits.

6. Spruce Up Your Staircase

One of the common areas to get neglected when decorating a new space is the staircase. So use your imagination and spruce up yours by adding colors and patterns to every riser. You can use adhesive stickers so it’ll be easier for you to remove and replace them if you want to try out other designs. Or if you’re really sure about your color choices, then you might as well coat the stairs with paint.

7. Use Eye-Catching Blinds

Besides the walls and floors, you can also bring in colors through your window treatments. This is applicable especially for homeowners who don’t want to overdo their space with accessories. 

You can go for colorful blinds, but make sure they’ll blend well with the other shades in the room. For example, adding soft pink roller blinds may complement perfectly with your pink toss pillows.

8. Get A Mirror With A Colored Frame

If you still have an empty wall left and don’t know what item to put on it, consider placing a large mirror with a colored frame. If you can’t find one with that sort of frame, you can DIY by decorating the sides with stickers, braids, cording, or paint. The mirror will reflect the bright area in front of it, effortlessly livening up your new space.

9. Paint The Front Door 

Adding vibrance to your space doesn’t only mean indoors—you can also do so outdoors. So paint your front door with a warm and vibrant hue and wow your guests before they even step inside. The door will give them a positive impression that your home is inviting and well kept.

10. Customize Your Bookcase 

If you’ve recently bought a bland bookcase, you can use it to make the room look more exciting. There are various ways to paint your bookcase. For instance, you can paint each shelf with different hues, paint the back interior walls with a solid color, or paint the exterior and interior with contrasting shades. Whichever approach you go for, painting the bookcase will add dimension to your space.


The best thing about colors is that they can easily freshen up your space and set the mood within your property. Now that you know how to creatively add color to your new home, it’s time to get started!




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