How to Safely Move a Peloton Bike?

Move a Peloton Bike

Moving a Peloton bike isn’t easy, but it’s impossible as well. You need to take its safety and weight into consideration when moving it from one location to another. If you have friends available for help, you can do this task yourself. Otherwise, movers NYC are always there to help you safely move a Peloton bike. In this blog, you will know about How to Safely Move a Peloton Bike.

No doubt the frame of a Peloton bike is heavy and bulky, but you can move it easily with the help of your friends. Moving from one room to another won’t be an issue, but you need some equipment and helpers to reduce the workload when you want to move it to another home or location. Are you interested in knowing how to move a Peloton bike safely? If the answer is yes, then keep reading this guide. 

11 Tips for Safely Moving a Peloton Bike

If you’re moving a Peloton bike yourself without hiring movers, you can follow the below-given tips:

  • Purchase a Shoulder Dolly

Visit your nearest hardware store to get a shoulder dolly. It will only cost you around $20. These straps are useful because they can help you divide the load between two people. They’re also known as moving straps. 

  • Arrange a Second Person for Help

When it comes to moving heavy equipment, you need to put your safety first. The best approach is to seek the help of a friend to move a Peloton bike. Normally, they weigh between 130 to 140 pounds. It means a single person can’t move it. If no friend is available for help, you can get helpers from a moving company and pay them. 

  • Adjust the Handlebars and Seat to the Lowest Position 

This practice will not reduce the weight, but it can help you move the bike easily. Ensure that you take the weights from the back of a Peloton and move them separately. 

  • Use Moving Blankets and Bubble Wrap to Secure Peloton Bike

Wrap bubble wrap around the seat assemblage, tablet, flywheel and pedals. Use bungee cords or tape to secure these moving blankets in place. This practice can help you protect your bike from scratches. Remember, when using blankets or towels, ensure that you don’t need them because they might get damaged during transit. 

  • Put on the Shoulder Dolly Correctly

It’s important to wear the harness correctly. Ensure that straps make X shape on your back and metal part (buckle) is on front. Moreover, one strap should be over, and one strap should be under each arm. 

  • Slide Straps Under the Feet

You just need to lift the Peloton bike from one side and slide the shoulder dolly strap under the front and back feet. Ensure that it fits securely between the feet to avoid damage during transit.  

  • Ensure That Movers Are Positioned Correctly

You can stand on either the front or backside of the bike to attach the long lifting strap to the buckle on your front side. Ensure that the end of the strap isn’t pointing towards you. Adjust strap in such a way that when you stand up, you feel tension on your shoulder. 

  • Lift the Bike Up

Once everything is tied correctly, you need to stand up slowly and lift the bike. Ensure that you keep your arms straight and in front of you. It will help you balance the bike. Ensure that you communicate with your partner continuously. If they need a break, keep the bike down to take some rest and catch their breath. 

  • Walk Slowly When Moving Towards the Truck

Our ultimate goal is to move the Peloton bike safely without damaging the bike and ourselves. So, when moving towards the vehicle, ensure that you take slow steps. Keep your bike down when you reach near the moving truck. Before moving to the next step, ensure that you take a break, drink water, and relax your arms. By doing this, you can prevent mishaps. 

  • Load the Bike Manually

Remove the dolly shoulder straps by tilting the bike onto one side. Again, one person will lift the bike from one side and the second from the other to load it to the moving truck. Use your legs to do that because putting a load on the back is not recommended. Use ratchet straps to fix the bike in one place.   

  • Drive Slowly 

If you want to ensure that your bike gets to a new location safely:

  • Ensure that you drive the vehicle slowly or ask the driver to do the same. 
  • Avoid sudden turns. 
  • Be careful when transporting a bike from one location to another because you might get injured if it falls over you. 

What If You Don’t Want to DIY?

Some people don’t have time to move Peloton bikes on their own, so they want to hire movers. What to keep in mind when you choose this way:

  • When you ask the moving company to disassemble and assemble the Peloton bike for a move, they’ll charge around $150 to $250. 
  • Don’t forget to get insurance coverage before moving your Peloton bike because there is always a possibility that your bike might get damaged. So, insurance will ensure that the company will compensate you if something goes wrong. 
  • Follow the instructions of your movers because they’re trained and expert in handling such equipment. 
  • When you move from one location to another, the best approach is to disassemble the bike before you move. 

Final Words

It’s never a wise decision to move heavy equipment like Peloton bike yourself. The best practice is to hire movers and let them do this task. If you’re doing it yourself, ensure that you follow all the steps mentioned above. Otherwise, you might damage your Peloton bike or injure yourself. So, if you don’t have a helper and the required equipment for moving, then don’t move it yourself. But even if you have everything, we’ll still recommend calling the movers for this task.


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