Six Tips to Become An Expert Marksman

Expert Marksman

Shooting can be a delightful hobby. There are specific tips and tricks you can follow and take your shooting skills to the next level and to become Expert Marksman. In this blog, you will know Six Tips to Become An Expert Marksman.

Shooting Straight

Anyone can pick up a gun and pull the trigger. That does not mean they will hit the target. Proper self-control and discipline separate expert shooters from novice ones. Here are some tips to help you become an adequate and expert marksman.

  1. Be Comfortable

Being comfortable is essential if you want to hit that bullseye. When you are practicing in a shooting range there will be many distractions. This is dangerous as well as annoying. Finding a comfortable setting should be your priority.

When you are scoped in and ready to fire,  most minor things can break your concentration. Leg cramps, eye twitches, cold drafts- almost anything can reduce your accuracy. 

When you are shooting, make sure everything that can potentially distract is well out of the way. Stand comfortably and maintain a proper stance. Once you are settled in, it is time to take the shot.

In an instant, before taking the shot, your focus should be singular and determined. This is only achievable when you are comfortable with your surroundings. Be in your element.

  1. Sights and Scopes

There is a multitude of factors that go into having a clear line of sight. The alignment of your sight should be dead center concerning the rail. You can quickly determine it by looking down the sides of your gun. If everything from your eyes to the target is in a straight line, you have it right.


Many shooters prefer scopes to iron sights. They are a great way to take your marksmanship to the next level. Iron sights are good but not 100% accurate. With a good scope, you can zoom in on your target and determine the exact distance.     

There are many good scopes available in the market. Prices can vary wildly depending on the gun, make, model, etc. Longer zoom and digital scopes are expensive but can provide you with additional information. Variable zoom scopes are also an excellent choice.

If you are interested in buying a high-quality scope, the Vortex Strike Eagle is a great choice. It is budget-friendly and built for rough use. If you want to know more about it, be sure to check out our full Vortex Strike Eagle review.

  1. Proper Clothing

Being an expert marksman is more than just hitting the target. Wearing proper gears will increase your skill and comfort level. This will ultimately help you shoot straight. 


You will need a strong pair of leather gloves that can withstand extreme vibrations. When preparing to shoot,  the blood flow to your hands will cause split-second shaking, which will throw off your aim. You can compensate for that by wearing good gloves.

Eye Patch

Consider wearing an eye patch over your non-shooting eye. Closing and opening one eye will put a strain on it. An eye patch circumvents that issue altogether. You can also cut out an opaque piece of paper or cloth and attach it under your shooting glasses. Improvisation is key.

Ear Mufflers

Firearms are loud. They are so loud; the sound can damage your eardrums. Loss of hearing is not an uncommon problem among long-term shooters. Always wear a pair of high-quality ear mufflers whenever you are going to shoot. They also drown out the noise from your surroundings, allowing you to be hyper-focused.

  1. Breath and Trigger Control

Proper breathing technique is an excellent part of shooting a gun. The cadence of your breath has a  role to play in your accuracy. Practicing breathing exercises is an excellent way to achieve a steady rhythm.

When you inhale and exhale, your body naturally moves. It is an involuntary physiological function. Your goal should be to be cognitively aware of it. Maintain a steady and well-rehearsed pattern. Just before taking the shot, hold your breath and remain completely motionless. 

Pulling the trigger is the most one-time part of using a gun. However, you must maintain proper control. The pressure needed to activate the trigger is negligible, so there is no force necessary. Do not be nervous; expect the recoil and loud bang.

  1. Gun Safety

A good marksman maintains safety both with and without a gun. Safety is key as you are working with live ammunition. Consider buying a gun locker where you can store every weapon and ammunition. You should also purchase a range bag to carry your guns.

Maintaining safety protocols during shooting. If you are at a shooting range, they will have specific guidelines that you should adhere to. Guns come with a safety lock that should be switched on any time you are not using it. 

Cleaning your gun falls under the umbrella of safety. Weapons tend to get jammed after repeated use. Always keep a weapon servicing kit next to your guns. They are designed in such a way that you can use one kit for all kinds of guns. Make a habit of thoroughly cleaning them out once every few months.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Marksmanship, like any other skill in life, requires practice to be good at. Dry firing is when you shoot blank rounds and adjust to the overall conditions. It is a widespread technique and has proven to be quite effective. It helps to keep your mind and body in sync.

It takes time to get better at hitting your targets. Different people improve at different paces, so do not be discouraged if you see a lack of immediate progress. A good marksman knows it is a labor of love. Regular training will make you feel like the gun is an extension of your arm. 


Shooting is a cathartic experience. The feeling of pulling the trigger and hitting your target is second to none. 


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