The Big Fat Indian Wedding. That phrase itself is enough to intimidate some people. Let us be honest: planning a wedding is complicated enough already. But taking on the challenge of grandiose decor ideas can be quite overwhelming and not everyone’s cup of tea. This is even truer for the people who are having a pandemic wedding. This blog will be about how to adopt a minimalist wedding style.

If the thought of having a grand wedding makes you want to elope, then worry not, we are here to encourage you to take on the “less is more” approach. In this article, we will tell how you can Mary Kondo your way through the planning and adopt a minimalist wedding style. 


The basic principle of minimalism is to clear away the clutter, remove the frills and make sure that whatever you have is intentional. It should spark joy in you! Here, we mention the various ways in which you can have the minimalist wedding of your dreams. 

  1. Keep it Exclusive

The easiest way to tone down your wedding is by trimming down your guest list. One thing we have learned during the pandemic is that a small guest list can actually be a blessing in disguise. No more long lost aunts and uncles that you’ve never met in your entire life! But more importantly, if you keep your guest list exclusive and strictly A-list, then everything will automatically pare down. You will have less food, drinks, tables, centrepieces, a smaller venue, fewer wedding wedding favours and fewer unwelcome opinions. The biggest upside is the liberty to spend valuable time with your closest friends and family. 


2. Have a small wedding party

While a wedding party is essential, a big one is not. Keep the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen to one or two for the much needed moral support. 

3. Setting the mood for your minimalist wedding

Minimalist couples all around the world are taking a clean and contemporary approach to wedding invitations. They are letting the hand lettering take centre stage and speak for the mood of your wedding. If you are considering minimalist wedding invitations, abandon all inserts for a sleek, all-inclusive design. Additionally, you can go for high-quality paper, clear acrylic stock or vellum for a luxurious look. Minimalist design elements like geometric lines as well as touches of marble and metallic will add the wow factor to the whole invitation. 

4. An unadorned venue

For a fundamentally minimalist wedding backdrop, a blank canvas wedding venue is the way to go. This can be an urban industrial building since the venue is no-frills by nature. The focus here is on the architecture and minimalism of the space itself. This is perfect for you if your minimalist wedding style is more bare-bones, modern and raw. However, if you are more of the organic type, then an outdoor wedding is ideal for you. The natural landscape ensures that you have a beautiful wedding venue but will little decorating effort of your own. 

5. A minimalist wedding outfit

Shopping for a minimalist outfit as an Indian bride can be the most difficult thing to pull off. That is why we are telling you what to look for in your minimalist wedding outfit to be the glowing bride. Go for clean lines, structured silhouettes and fewer embellishments. In terms of colour, you can go for pastels blind-eyed. But if you want a little more tradition, go for lehengas in different shades of red or better yet, go for an heirloom saree or banarsi silk lehenga. 

In terms of jewellery, go for a choker for the minimalist wedding. If you still want a grand neckpiece, match it with an elaborate matha patti balanced with no earrings and dewy makeup. You can also completely ditch the necklace and wear only the matha patti and earrings. 

Styl Tip: While shopping for your bridal lehenga, you can go to stores and ask for a bridesmaid lehenga for more minimalist designs. 

6. Let Luxury Speak

Even though most minimalist weddings favour a neutral colour palette, it does not have to be boring! You can use luxurious textures and materials to add some visual interest to the overall decor of your wedding. Rich velvet, shiny greenery, glimmering metallics and structured geometric shapes will opulence to the entire wedding. You can also add pops of solid colours to have a more engaging visual space without adding clutter. 


7. Simplify the rituals

A big Indian wedding has multiple rituals on different days and each one is accompanied by a party. If that is not what you want your wedding to be like, you can simplify the rituals. This just means that you have your wedding at the main venue and have the rituals at home with just the necessary people. Additionally, you can simply eliminate some rituals that you think are unnecessary for you and your groom to be. 


8. What is truly necessary for your minimalist wedding

For this, you need to rethink the structure of a wedding in your culture and see what is relevant to you. To get married, you only need the bride, the groom, their close family and an officiant according to your culture. Quite literally, everything else is extra! So, rethink your cultural traditions and include things that are meaningful to both of you. It is your big day and it should spark joy! You don’t NEED to have a grand dinner or elaborate flower decorations. Strip it down to the absolute basics if that is your vibe.

9. Scale back and give back

Last but not the least, scaling back for the minimalist wedding of your dreams does not mean only reducing the number of decorations or the guests. If you want to have a less is more approach, reduce the urge to amass a bunch of wedding gifts. Request your guests to not come bearing any gifts for you. Rather, ask them to donate to a charity of either your choice or their choice. Scaling back sparks the most joy in you when you also give back.


We hope that this article helped you understand how you can adopt a minimalist wedding style. For any assistance in wedding styling or consultations, contact us at Styl-Inc and our team of expert stylists will get in touch with you.

Stay tuned to Styl-Inc blogs for more wedding styling tips and tricks.



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