How to Fade Hair to Try Trendy Haircuts for Men

how to fade hair

Today’s discussion is about how to fade hair. Several articles have been written through the years about women’s haircuts or how to style them. But not that much attention is given when it comes to men’s haircuts.

But here in this article, we are ready to break the stigma. The fade haircut is very popular among the gents, and we bet you saw it somewhere along the way.

The fade haircut is that kind of haircut which you can do by yourself. No problem if you want to save some money by not visiting a barber or it’s just your hobby to cut your hair. In this article, you will find all the necessary details.

how to fade hair

Tips to fade your hair

If you do a fade haircut, you need to know some things before the experiment. Go through this particular section to know about it all.

No matter what kind of face structure you have or which type of hair you got, a fade haircut would grow on you.

Many people think that this haircut is a very complex thing to do because of the astonishing transformation. But actually, this is nothing but a myth.

But what is a fade haircut? How to fade hair? A fade haircut is that kind of haircut where the cutting is not equal everywhere.

For example, the up portion of both ears is very thoroughly cut, like they are almost invisible. But the hair slowly gets longer as you look closely to the top.

A faded haircut comes with several options. But lucky enough for you, most of the time, this haircut manages to suit all.

Generally, you need to go to a salon to get this particular kind of haircut, or you must look at a tutorial video. But in case you have excellent command with your hands, you can do it by yourself. You need to take a leap of faith.

The experts have profound knowledge and skills about this haircut as it is not the easiest thing to do. You have to adjust the lengths according to which is the toughest job. If this part goes without a hitch, the rest will go easy too.

But if you don’t know a thing about how to fade hair, you won’t need a minute to blow it all up. So before you go into the real work, get to know what you are doing.

Types of fade hair style

So now, in this section, we will talk about several types of fade haircuts:

Low fade haircut

The first one on the list is a low-fade haircut. This fade haircut is blurred. The hairline ends up getting quite above the neck. A sign of two sweeping strokes is somewhat remarkable around the ear.

Another kind of low fade haircut is where they keep the short hair near your forehead. But the hairline begins to thin as you progress near the neck. This one is also called buzz cut.

The last low fade haircut on this list is just like a long hairstyle for gents. Here the fade gets as little as possible. They also call it low bald fade.

Medium fade haircut

You may have already guessed that the medium fade haircut is neither the high fade nor the low fade. It is someplace safe between the two. This fade haircut is usually done by side parting.

It can be done using scissors, or you can do it using clippers. Most people do this because of its popularity.

The next is a mid-fade haircut where the medium fade is concentrated around the crown area, especially under the crown.

The other one is a medium fade crop haircut. This particular haircut is trendy and famous among boys. For those who have curly and deep hair, this haircut will suit them the best.

High fade haircut

Now let’s talk about the high-fade haircut. Particularly the pompadour fade haircut is quite stylish to see. Its slick and lucid feature is what makes it so special. This might seem a little too easy to style, but there is complexity in it.

Very small cuts around the scalp characterize the high bald fade haircut. You can see the hairline quite vividly.

Skin fade haircut or bald fade

Skin fade haircuts are more common than others. It comes with varieties like temple fade, drop fade, burst fade, mid-high fade, or low fade.

how to fade hair

How to fade hair for beginners?

Now in this section, we will discuss how to fade hair even if you’re a beginner.

It is on your bucket list to do a fade haircut at least once in your lifetime. But maybe you want a slightly different haircut which is not easy to explain to others. In that case, how is this possible for you to get your desired haircut?

It’s simple; you just have to do it yourself. This article is about how to fade hair, and this section is about how to fade hair for beginners.

Move 1

First of all, your hair needs to be properly cleaned. In case you haven’t done this recently, do it before you prepare yourself for the haircut. There should be no oil or dust in your hair to give it a clean cut.

So, properly clean the hair using your regular shampoo.

Move 2

To do a perfect fade haircut, you need to start at the center and move slowly afterward.  Find your regular scissor and start cutting the center.

For the first step, draw the hair upwards with a comb. Then decide how short you want your hair to be. Cut the hair accordingly, and the rest would follow it.

Hold the comp collateral to the floor and make sure that the comb doesn’t bend much. Now steer the comb towards the crown area so that the hair doesn’t get in the way.

The measurement is around two inches around the neckline, half an inch around the temple and the ears.

Move 3

Now it’s time for you to make a selection. You need to select the position of the fade line. It could be on the backside of the scalp or around the ears.

There are no specific rules that say you can’t have more than one fade line. You can have multiple ones. Just do your first cutting and once you gain some confidence, try the second one.

Move 4

If you give your fade haircut a careless look, it will look good on you. To do that, you have to take care of the surface. Take the measurements with your fingers and select the density of the hair.

It would help if you were more careful of your hair to avoid cutting through similar areas twice.

Move 5

It would help if you always held the scissor or the trimmer vertically. Hold it in the right direction so that you can trim the desired area well enough.

Move 6

Use a blade clipper and begin working from the right. Then move the clipper towards the sides of the head. The blade is now moving, and you need to go in that direction.

This way, both sides are equally done and also the surface. In case you do it right, your job to blend the fade would be less.

Move 7

Take a regular comb to brush up the fade. Move it all over the head and use the clipper to cut the hair over the comb.

Move 8

Now take a scissor as you need to cut the very top. Whatever kind of top you like that’s entirely up to you. Do the cutting accordingly using the comb and the scissor.

Move 9

Now your precious haircut is ready. Wash the hair with shampoo and apply some hair gel or pomade. You can enhance the color to make your hair look even brighter.

How to fade hair with scissors

Doing a fade haircut with scissors is an art which is familiar for a long period. It doesn’t require any fancy equipment or anything. But a skilled hand will be enough to complete the haircut.

In this section, we will teach you how to fade hair with scissors.

First, let’s know more about scissor fade haircuts in detail.

In this method, several sizes of hair are cut with the help of scissors. The professionals call this hair cutting process ‘scissor over comb.’ Multiple fades are blended beautifully in this process and that too with only scissors.

You would find the several other fade haircuts too extreme and might feel extremely brief. But that’s not the case when it comes to scissors fade haircuts. Here the length of the hair is not that brief, and the overall look is more spontaneous.

This is why most people prefer to have this look over the several other fade haircuts.

But now, you may be thinking that this haircut will be a perfect fit for you or not. But you don’t have to worry about that. Most of the time, it turns out to be an ideal match for all.

The most amazing thing about the scissor fade haircut is its versatility and decency, which the other fade haircuts have not. Not all kinds of fade haircuts are not for you, but this one you can give a shot.

Not to mention that how it would look on you somewhat depends on how you will manage it. Actually, a thousand ways are out there waiting for you to select. But you need to know the basics so that you can float your boat.

how to fade hair

For starters, here’s an advice for those who have a long and lean kind of face. You guys have to ignore that kind of haircut which comes with more altitude. If you do that kind of haircut, your face will look even more full than before, and for obvious reasons, you don’t want that.

Next, in case your temple is big, and you want to make it look small. In that case, you have to avert anything that makes your temple look even bigger.

However, applying a scissor fade haircut is a secure one as it doesn’t look that bad despite the structure of your face. You don’t need to take any pressure.

Different types of scissor fade haircut

We said it before that you have plenty of options when you decide to do a scissor fade haircut. Different cuts can be done by adjusting the lengths of your hair. Read below to know more about them.

Crew cut

This one is not new to the market; it is an authentic scissor fade haircut that has been around for decades. Odds are you going to a salon, and you like a particular haircut. That kind of popularity has gotten throughout the years.

The cutting is extreme on the back of your scalp and around both ears. The hair length gets heightened as you go through the surface. Most people prefer this because it doesn’t cost much to maintain.

Textured crop cut

This one is perhaps the most famous in the last ten years. This haircut looks like there’s a party on the surface, but things are quite sober when it comes around the ears and the back of the head.

Pompadour scissor fade

Some haircuts are always trendy, and they never go out of fashion. Pompadour is that kind of fade haircut that is beyond time. This haircut may look simple to you, but it has its appeal.

The problem with this haircut is the maintenance. You need to blow-dry the hair daily and apply pomade. If you cannot do that, don’t even think about pompadours.

You were reading about how to fade hair using different techniques, and now it’s time to wrap things up. Feel free to inform us how much you liked this article.


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