Why You Should Not Ignore a Call From Portfolio Recovery Services

Portfolio Recovery Services

Portfolio Recovery Associates is one of the biggest debt collection agencies in the United States. As is the norm with other debt collection firms, Portfolio Recovery Associates will give you a call about a debt when you are considered to be past the due date on a debt payment. While some people may be inclined to ignore the calls, it is advisable to confront the state of affairs head-on. This blog will tell you Why You Should Not Ignore a Call From Portfolio Recovery Services.

Ignoring them may at first seem like a solution, however, it can put you in a far worse situation than you were initially. Here are some of the many reasons why you should not ignore a call from Portfolio Recovery Services — or any other debt collection agency for that matter.

They’ll Keep Calling 

Debt collectors make money when you pay your debt. Therefore, they are likely to continue calling even if you ignore them. Debt collectors are only required to stop communicating to you if you send a written statement, according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Paints A Bad Picture

If you choose to ignore a debt collector and probably fail to deal with the underlying debt, the creditor will consistently report your delinquency to credit bureaus, which will mean a blow to your credit.

You Won’t Know If The Debt Is Legitimate Or Not. 

Taking the call helps you find out whether the debt you purportedly owe is legitimate or not, or if the amount quoted is correct or not. If you find out that the debt is illegitimate, you can write to the agency and dispute the debt. But you’ll never know what your situation is if you ignore the agency’s calls. 

The Debt Will Increase

The creditor will likely add interest and collection costs if you choose to ignore calls from portfolio recovery associates. Consequently, your debt will continue to grow, meaning you could wind up on the hook for even more money — assuming the debt is valid. 

Forfeiting Opportunity To Settle

If portfolio recovery associates or any other debt collection agency calls you but you cannot settle your debt at the moment, you may arrange with them to settle the debt at a lesser amount. This will only be possible if you communicate with the collectors. 

You Could Be Sued

If you ignore calls and letters from debt collectors, they may choose to file a lawsuit against you, which might very well cost you a lot at the end. 

What TO Do 

If you happen to be contacted by Portfolio Recovery Associates, it is very important that you communicate. If you are busy and feel that you are not in a position to talk then you can schedule for a later time. Nevertheless, before you share any information with the agency, you should determine whether the debt is legitimate or not

After determining legitimacy of the debt and having found out that you indeed owe the debt, then you can start thinking how to pay it off. Upon verifying the debt is yours, you should be as communicative as possible about your situation. Doing that makes debt collectors more understanding so they can give you more leeway. When communicating, you need to be calm, clear, convincing and persistent. On the other hand if the debt isn’t yours you can dispute it. 


It is important to know ignoring Portfolio Recovery Associates or any other debt collection agency will not make your financial problems disappear. It will only worsen your situation.



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