Decorating For Autumn? How To Choose The Perfect Palette

Choose The Perfect Palette

As the weather gets colder and our thoughts turn to warm, cosy nights with a hot chocolate in front of the TV, chances are your home will be craving a bit of redecoration. 

Introducing soft furnishings such as blankets and cushions in warm colours can help warm your room up. Even wall art prints in autumnal oranges and browns can make a difference to the feel of your home. How To Choose The Perfect Palette-

Combining The Right Colours

Choosing the right colours for any room is a tough decision, so be sure to familiarise yourself with the colour wheel before making any concrete decisions. 

Keep in mind when choosing colours that any colours opposite each other will complement each other and colours next to each other will help emphasise each colour’s tone, e.g. hot and cold. Once you’ve chosen your colours, be sure to purchase items that carry the warm Autumnal tones you’re aiming for, such as deep purple or emerald green. 

The best way to choose the perfect colour combination is to take opposing colours on the wheel and combine them with white or black for a lighter or darker feel. Or, take two colours next to each other on the wheel and then choose white or black for a complete palette. 

A simple way to introduce more colours is to hang wall art, simple prints that can be found online that will insert some colour into your room without breaking the bank. 

Stay On-Trend 

In case you hadn’t noticed, minimalism is out, and maximalism is in. This means a combination of loud colours, clashing prints and all sorts of furniture in the same room. Colours that are particularly popular at the moment are dark greens and navy combined with brighter oranges, yellows and pinks. 

A dark wall complimented with a brighter wall art will bring the perfect autumnal vibe to your room while making it feel updated and fresh. 

Statement Furniture

One way to introduce new colours into your room is to add a piece of statement furniture such as a warm oak sideboard or coffee table next to a plush velour sofa or chair. 

Save your pennies and the environment by buying these items second hand – this will also give your home a more authentic vintage feel. You could even source a piece of furniture and then upcycle it yourself with the fabric of your choice if you’re feeling crafty!

Colours For Bedroom vs Living Room

It’s also worth considering which colours are most appropriate for each room. A more neutral feel might be more suitable for the living room with a few splashes of colour, while the bedroom might be a good place to introduce more colour. 

Decorate your bedroom with bold wall prints above the bed; an autumnal print can easily be changed to reflect the season when summer comes around again. Buying prints in a complementary colour to your feature wall will add an eye-catching element to your bedroom.  

Autumn is so much more than orange and brown; it’s warm pinks and greens, yellows and purples, with a shade for every mood. 

To redecorate for the season, simply introduce a few new wall art pieces, ornaments or furnishings to give your home a warmer feel. It’s time to cosy up, so unpack the slippers and dressing gown, put the kettle on and get ready to enjoy some snug autumn evenings. 


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