5 things to ask yourself before creating ideas for custom plaques

ideas for custom plaques

If you are thinking of creating a custom plaque for a loved one friend for a memorable occasion, celebration, achievement, or holiday, then this is a great way to create a long-lasting present that is unique and personalized. Instead of purchasing something that you can buy from any type of store – like a t-shirt, coffee mug, or piece of artwork – you can create custom plaques that are unique, memorable, long-lasting, and special to the person. 

For example, if someone has just graduated college, why not customize a college-centric plaque for their achievements? You can put “congrats grad” on the plaque and make it a present they are sure to remember for years. However, before you create the ideal custom plaque for your loved ones, there are certain things in mind to create the absolute best present that is going to create a long-lasting impression on the receiver.

Let’s see a few things that you should consider before brainstorming ideas for custom plaques and how you can make sure the receiver is going to keep the present for the rest of their life – let’s check it out. Learn more about how to get custom plaques.

5 things to keep in mind before brainstorming ideas for custom plaques – create a long-design and unique gift

The receiver

One of the main aspects to keep in mind if you are giving custom plaques is who the receiver is – does the person enjoy gifts? Does the person keep gifts for a long time? By seeing what types of gifts they like, if they have space in their house, and where they would hang the plaque, you can see if this is a good gift for a person. For example, if someone is living out of their mobile home or van, they might not have space for a custom plaque – however, if they live in a studio apartment with no decorations, it can be good to give a custom plaque for added decorative flair.

Their interests

The next aspect to consider when it comes to giving custom plaques is the interest of the person. Does the person enjoy sports, coffee, biking, or shopping? By adding something that they would like on the custom plaque, you can ensure they will enjoy looking at the plaque and keeping it for many years.

The achievement

The next thing to consider when it comes to giving custom plaques to recipients is what the achievement is – does the person have a birthday coming? Did the person graduate college? Did the person get a promotion? Make sure you know what you are celebrating before you give the custom plaque.

Extra designs

The next thing to consider when it comes to creating custom plaques is any extra designs that you would like on the plaque. Do you want to add extra pictures, artistic flair, or words? If so, consider the theme you are going for.

Price range

The last thing to consider before creating a custom plaque is the price range – do you care about spending a fortune, or would you rather keep it budget-friendly?


By coming up with the best ways that you can create a custom plaque for loved ones, you can then decide what type of plaque you want to make for your loved one. Take a few aspects to consider before brainstorming plaque ideas, such as the person, the achievement, and the occasion. 


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