Plan your Visit to Trivandrum From Dubai This Holiday At Your Fingertips.

Trivandrum From Dubai

Do you want to travel from Dubai to Trivandrum by air? Are you looking for direct flights from Dubai Airport to Trivandrum Airport? While you start searching about this topic, you find this article. Then, you are at the right place where you will get to know everything in detail. This article will help those who are now planning to visit Trivandrum. Nowadays, people worldwide want to travel to various places, one of the best places to visit in Trivandrum. Here we will provide every essential information about Direct flight from Dubai to Trivandrum.

Flight Operations that run regularly from Dubai Airport To Trivandrum!

If you plan to explore Kerala from Dubai, you need to book a flight ticket from Dubai to Trivandrum. Lots of flights are available. So, it won’t be tough for anyone to book flights. But there are only three direct flights that are available from the UAE to the capital of Kerala. This flight only runs every week. You can choose which flight will be best for you to travel as per the flight’s schedule. These direct flights take only a few hours to travel from the Gulf region to the southern part of India.  

What is the cost of direct flights?

There are various ticket prices. It will be your decision which type of ticket you will book to travel. If you are on a low budget, you can book a ticket for economy class, or if you have a high budget, you can even book for business class. If you are thinking of value for money service, then economy class tickets can be more effective. All of the aircraft have been designed so that passengers will get sufficient legroom. So, if you are planning, then you can book your flight tickets. Aircraft that you are going to travel will provide multiple entertainment purposes like the touch screen T.V., where you can listen to music and play various interesting games. This entertainment feature is installed on aircraft to make you busy all of the time to avoid getting bored. Whatever price you will pay to buy a ticket, it will satisfy you after riding this aeroplane that travels from Dubai to Trivandrum. You can also book a meal that will also help your ride to get much better.

Important Note: If you book your ticket earlier, like 4 months earlier than the travel date, the cost of those tickets will be less. If you buy those tickets within seventy-two hours of your departure, then the price will cost more.

Time to reach Dubai to Trivandrum from direct flights:

  • The runtime of those planes will take about four hours twenty minutes to reach from Dubai to Trivandrum.   
  • This direct aircraft will fly over Oman, and it belongs to the Gulf Region. It will cross the Arabian sea then it will enter the boundary of India. From there, it will land in the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum.
  • Three direct flights are available from Dubai, and you can choose which one to travel to and visit Trivandrum.


How will you begin your journey?

If you are planning a beautiful trip to explore south India from the Gulf Region then, you may find two ways, one is the airway and the second one is the waterway. If you want to come via ships, then it will not only take long hours to complete your journey, but it is also very complex. Therefore, it will be better for anyone to visit Trivandrum via airway. For travelling in the airways, you need to visit Dubai International Airport (DXB). It is very easy for everyone to reach this airport, there are various ways to visit this airport, you can book any cab, and you need to tell your driver to drop you at terminal two where you can easily take an entry to the airport and can easily complete all the procedures before you take a ride to your plane. If you are in a hurry, it will be better to complete the Online check-in service between forty-eight hours of your journey. Once you collect your boarding pass and other check-in services, you need to go to the luggage checking department, where security will check your luggage and you. After you complete your security checking, you will be allowed to visit the waiting zone where you need to wait for your flight. Then you will be able to hear your flight announcement. Then only can you board your flight, which will depart from Dubai after you reach Trivandrum International Airport (TRV)? You will be able to know that you are four K.M. away from the Main road. From Trivandrum International Airport you will get lots of cabs. Hire any cab from the parking zone, and tell your driver where you want to visit in the capital of Kerala.

begin your journey

Trivandrum is one of the oldest cities in southern India. Where you can find a friendly atmosphere, and it will change your mind and body also. The people of Trivandrum are very humble and provide best-in-class support to visitors across the globe. Here you will be able to watch one of the oldest temples (Padmanabhaswamy). In this temple, you will find lots of architecture and other important information about this temple. You can even visit museums and lots of other historical places also. This city is also known as the Evergreen city of India. This city is covered with low-range hills, and these hills make this place more attractive. If you want to visit the seashores, you can travel a few kilometres and see the beautiful seashores of Kerala. In this article, you will receive important information about the Direct flight from Dubai to Trivandrum. Now, please follow these steps and book your ticket to visit this place and explore the capital of south India and other places. So, go ahead and start making for a successful trip to south India.

Important Note: You need to visit Dubai International Airport or any other Airport almost two to three hours earlier.







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