Is it safe to use sex toys while you are dating?

safe to use sex toys

Dating and relationships are a matter of personal choice. No “one fits all” manual will work for everybody. Although earlier the society was quite conservative and unusual individual desires weren’t really appreciated in the open. Missionary and vanilla were the norms. But today, as long as you have consent, you sex aren’t committing a crime, your kinks and desires will find participants and acceptance. 

Sex toys are freely sold, bought and used today for pleasure and no one really looks down on them. More and more are getting introduced to them and buying them. During the lockdown and pandemic, sex toys was an industry that actually had good sales. It is often thought that sex toys are only used by single men and women, but it isn’t so. It is meant for anyone who wants to use them. To answer the question, if it is safe to use sex toys while dating, here are a few things to consider.

  • A sex toy is a personal choice and it has nothing to do with a person’s relationship status.
  • Couples can use sex toys on each other if they want and many do too. You will find couples’ sex toys online if you want to buy them. 
  • When you are dating, you need to consider not only your needs but also your partner’s needs. If he/she feels better with the use of a sex toy, then why not use it. 
  • Even when you are dating, there may be times when you are not with your partner. At such times, a sex toy can help in satisfying any urge that arises.
  • Sometimes a sex toy can spice up your sex routine as a couple. Using a vibrator or a clit stimulator during penetrative sex can make it more enjoyable for the woman. Or using a prostate massager on men can give a stronger orgasm.

It is completely safe to use sex toys when you are dating and there are no harmful effects as such. People use gynoid or sex dolls as well to enhance pleasure and excitement even when dating. These are some types of sex toys that are commonly bought and loved.

Penis ring – Penis rings can make a member last longer. So, if there are any men who want to ensure that they stay longer in the race and pleasure their partner, this is the way to go about it. The toy is designed to cut off circulation, thus elongating erections.

Clamps – Clamps can be of different types and the most common are nipple clamps used by both men and women. This is usually used in kinky intercourse and is quite safe. Many who like the nipple to be toyed with love using this. There are some toys known as tit suckers for those who like boob play. These devices can be attached to nipples and it adds suction to them. This is very well-loved by both men and women.

Butt plugs – Butt plugs are the most common type of sex toy and is made for unisex use. A man or a woman can use it and it’s great for anal play. They come in various shapes and sizes. Some are made of glass and others are made of different materials. Some can be shaped like a small screw so that it can be twisted and inserted into the anus. One type of butt plug even expands so that it opens up the ass for anal play. Lots of lube is recommended when using this.

Rabbit – The rabbit vibrator is shaped like a penis and also has an attachment at the lower end that look like rabbit ears. It is used by women mostly for penetrative pleasure as well as clitoral stimulation. The material used is PU which is soft and flexible. This can be a great gift for a woman in a long distance relationship.




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