Does Hail Damage Devalue Your Car?

Hail Damage

A car with hail damage is an excellent deal for the buyer but not the seller. Auto hail damage repair varies depending on the level of damage and how the damage affects the car’s value. The dents and broken windows will negatively affect a car’s resale value.

If a person has the proper insurance coverage, it’s better to fix it before selling. If you have dents in your car, buyers will take advantage of that. They look for enormous discounts off the right price for your vehicle for damage and repair costs compensation.

This article will take you through how people assess the value of a car and how much hail damage reduces a car’s value.

How is The Value Of A Car Assessed?

Terms like car value are thrown around after you get hail damage. But how do they assess the value of your vehicle?

An insurance company can determine your car’s worth and how much money they will cover for the repairs. They cannot pay more money than your car’s value. Most car dealers and insurance companies measure the value of your vehicle depending on the following factors;

  • Average value- Many insurance companies use the car’s actual value to determine how much they are willing to pay for repairs. You should know that this value depreciates once a vehicle drives off.
  • Age– As your vehicle grows older, its value decreases. This is not the case for all cars, for example, collectible cars. However, old cars have higher repair costs than new ones.
  • Car mileage– If a car has more mileage, its value depreciates.
  • Make and model– Brand new Toyotas are worth less than high-end cars such as Lincoln and Rolls Royce. The model is a huge factor in a car’s worth.
  • Damage– Wear, cracks, and tear also help determine a car’s worth.

How Much Will Hail Damage Decrease A Car’s Value?

A hail storm can lead to a seriously damaged car. After a hail storm, you can get broken windows, dents, and damage all over the vehicle. The user is left defeated by this. The part that gets tricky for us to know is how much hail damage will reduce its worth. There are two options.

  • Will not reduce the worth– A person with comprehensive insurance coverage will be covered for all costs minus the deductible. This means that I only have to pay a small amount of the total repair costs after finding auto hail damage repair near me.

If your car is repaired using the paintless dent repair process, the dents are eliminated permanently. This damage won’t be on record since your vehicle’s damage was reversed or fixed.

  • The damage determines the value– If, for whatever reason, you do not repair the hail damage on your cars, the value depreciates per dent. Repair costs can reach up to $275 for every dent. Refusing to fix the damage is not an escape, especially if you want to sell the car for a reasonable price. Additionally, broken windows, damaged doors, and paint damage further decrease the value of your vehicle.

Can You Protect Your Vehicle During A Hailstorm?

Yes, you can. There are a few things you can do to ensure hail damage is avoided.

  • Know the places prone to hail storms. For example, states such as Nebraska, Texas, Kansas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Colorado have the highest number of hailstorms every year.
  • So, if you live in such states, get comprehensive car insurance coverage. It can help you cover high costs in case your car gets hail damage. This may add $100 to $300 every month, which is worth it since hail damage repair costs are much steeper.
  • Put the car in a covered parking lot or a garage. However, if the hailstorm happens to catch you driving, pull into a covered parking area or the side of the road. Additionally, if there is a shelter or bridge to park your car, it is better.
  • Always check weather updates if there is a probability it will rain. If there is a chance of rain or a hail storm, pack blankets in the back and take them with you wherever you go. Put them on the parked vehicle during the day because they can help prevent minor hail damage.

Hail damage can devalue your vehicle, and it’s important to protect your investment at all times. But if you’re involved in an unfortunate incident where hail causes damage to your car, get hair auto damage to reverse or fix the effects.


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