Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh That You Can Never Go Wrong With

famous food of Uttar Pradesh
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Uttar Pradesh has a very diverse cuisine because of its geography. Uttar Pradesh is the largest state of India. Therefore, there is no doubt why the cuisine will be diverse. If you are searching for one particular famous food of Uttar Pradesh, it will be a tough choice. 

Uttar Pradesh is famous for its cuisines, recipes, and especially street food. In India, Uttar Pradesh is one state where you can find almost all types of dishes. It can range from being spicy to sweet to so much more. The state cuisine of Uttar Pradesh has a variety while consisting of authentic recipes. 

Uttar Pradesh Cuisine Is Vast

If you search Uttar Pradesh ki recipe on Google, you will come across various options. There is not one particular dish that is confirmed to be the best. Awadhi is the main cuisine of Uttar Pradesh. It follows a Nawabi touch while retaining the village-like feel. 

Honestly, Uttar Pradesh has one of the most filling experiences. The cooking pattern of dishes in Uttar Pradesh is the same as in other parts of North India. You can find a lot of similarities between the famous food of Uttar Pradesh and that of Kashmir or Punjab. 

Which one is the famous food of Uttar Pradesh? 

You must be kidding yourself when you try to find out one famous food of Uttar Pradesh. The wide variety in Uttar Pradesh ki recipe will take you by surprise. If you’re looking forward to consuming one famous dish, you need to do extensive research. 

Since it is tough to choose one, here are some of the famous foods of Uttar Pradesh:

Batti Chokha

Batti Chokha has the same taste as that of Litti Chjljha from Bihar. This is one of the most famous dishes in eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is prepared using wheat baati. The main ingredients of chokha include brinjal, tomatoes, and potato. However, to add to the spice, various masalas form the core of Batti chokha. 

 famous food of Uttar Pradesh
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Batti chokha’s best side dishes include green chutney, ghee, and chaat masala. All the dishes are prepared in mud ovens. Therefore, this plays an essential role in adding extra taste and aroma to the dish. 

Bharwan chicken pasanda

If you’re a hardcore non-vegetarian, this is one dish that will appeal to you. Bharwan chicken pasanda is indeed a popular dish in the entire Uttar Pradesh. As the name suggests, the chicken is stuffed with khoya-cheese mixture. 

The coconut-cashew gravy is the main binding material of bharwan chicken pasanda. The major ingredients of bharwan chicken pasanda include cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. 


Who doesn’t love pedha? This is a famous sweet of Uttar Pradesh. Pedha is mostly popular in Vrindavan and Mathura. If you ever visit the Radha-Krishna temples of Vrindavan, you can relish the delicious pedhas

 famous food of Uttar Pradesh
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Mawa, cardamom, and saffron are the major ingredients of pedha. Therefore, the toppings consist of edible silver paper or dry fruits. 


Hey, don’t confuse it. Petha and pedha are two different foods. While Pedha is found in Mathura, Petha is a famous sweet of Uttar Pradesh from Agra. The base of petha is a white pumpkin. 

White pumpkin is soaked in water for a brief period of time before cooking it in flavourful sugar syrup. Several ingredients form a topping of petha like Kesar, paan, and chocolate. However, petha is also available in different flavors. 

Bhindi ka salan

Have you ever heard of bhindi ka salan? Yes, that’s what makes the Uttar Pradesh cuisine unique. A completely authentic dish, Bhindi salan is an innovative recipe. Instead of Chilis, they use lady’s fingers, and that’s equally tasty. 

 famous food of Uttar Pradesh
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It has a thick gravy consisting of different spices. The addition of spices is what makes the salan delicious and, at the same time, savoury. 


Tehri is one unique dish that you will find mostly in Uttar Pradesh. Vegetable pulao or Tehri is like khichdi but dry. Basmati rice and different vegetables are the main ingredients in Tehri. Pour some drops of lime for a tangy flavour. 

Various spices are added in Tehri to bestow it with aroma and taste. You can consume this vegetable pulao all by itself. However, if you serve it with some green chutney or tomato chutney, the flavor eventually improves. You can prepare Tehri at your home very easily. 

Galaouti Kebab

Visiting the City of Nawabs, and you do not have Galaouti Kebab? That is like a sin. Galaouti Kebab is usually made from mutton. The addition of various spices plays a vital role in enhancing the flavor and aroma. 

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One of the best parts about consuming galaouti Kebab is that as soon as you put it in your mouth, it will melt down. Galaouti Kebab is an absolute treat to your taste buds. 

Tunday Kebab

Tunday Kebab is yet another famous food of Uttar Pradesh. Like the Galaouti Kebab, tunday Kebab will melt in your mouth as soon as you consume it. Therefore, if you want to consume the best tunday Kebab, you must visit Lucknow. 

Tunday Kebab became popular in the 17th century. A nawab who wasn’t unable to chew his food popularized tunday kebabs. Ever since tunday Kebab came into existence, it has become trendy. Buffalo or lamb meat are mostly major ingredients in the preparation of Tunday kebab. 

Lucknowi Biryani

Similar to the Hyderabadi Biryani, Lucknowi biryani is extremely delicious. Lucknowi Biryani is one of the most popular biryani recipes in the country. The major ingredients of Lucknowi biryani are saffron, cashew nut paste, and a variety of spices. Lucknowi Biryani tastes the best only with mutton and chicken. Lucknowi Biryani is a true blessing to your taste buds. 

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Nargisi Kofta

Uttar Pradesh is famous for its wide range of Mughal cuisines, and Nargisi Kofta is the main one. Therefore, mutton keema and egg are the main ingredients in the preparation of Nargisi Kofta. 

Deep-frying the mutton keema and egg gives the perfect shape to the dish. Furthermore, it is prepared in tomato puree. Nargisi Kofta is one of the most popular dishes during the month of Ramzan. 

Final Thought

The famous food of Uttar Pradesh can vary from being sweet to spicy. If you’re a fan of Nawabi cuisines, you should try the foods from Uttar Pradesh, specifically from Lucknow. Ready? Visit Uttar Pradesh and enjoy these lip-smacking foods.Also, don’t forget to try Uttar pradesh food and dress. 


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