6 Travel Ideas For a Winter Getaway

Ideas For Winter Getaway

When the weather turns cold, getting away seems like the best possible idea. What could be a better way to beat the winter blues than by going on an exciting trip? But choosing a travel location when your mind is stuck in the snow can be difficult. Here are a few travel ideas for a winter getaway-

1. Cruises

It might seem counterintuitive to break out the bikinis and suntan lotion when you’ve been wearing your thickest coat for a month, but going on a cruise can be the perfect winter vacation. Cruises from Florida, for instance, can be unseasonably warm and give you a summer glow even in late fall. Plus, they’re a great location to spend holidays with family (or without them) since everything is pre-planned and allows for a lot of flexibility. All you have to do is pack and show up – and enjoy the warm weather. 

2. Ski Resorts

Now if escaping the weather isn’t your goal, but you still want an exciting break from your regular routine, a ski resort might be the perfect place for you. Nothing could be cozier than sitting by a fire in a mountaintop chalet with a cup of hot chocolate after a day on the slopes. Plus, ski resorts can be found anywhere from rural Pennsylvania to Switzerland. You can choose to travel hours by plane or hop over to a northern state. A ski vacation can also be a great trip for a family. Whether your family enjoys skiing or not, they can have fun learning a new skill or just enjoying other amenities at the resort. 

3. Family Resorts

If you’ve got kids and want a way for them to let out their pent-up winter break energy, a family resort like the Great Wolf Lodge in Virginia can be a fantastic winter vacation. Kids have tons of activities to do, all indoors, and you might find that all the water activities and arcades bring out your inner child. No kid could ever claim to be bored on a family resort, since the entire place catered to the needs of young families. It’s sure to be an unforgettable vacation for everyone.

4. Cozy Cabins

For a more low-key vacation, renting a cozy cabin in the woods makes for a relaxing getaway. Bring along some inner tubes and get your child a warm toddler snowsuit for the snowy hills and you’ve got everything you need for a fun time. As long as you’ve got plenty of hot chocolate, puzzles, and novels to read by the fire, a cabin in the woods can be an absolutely delightful vacation. Depending on your preferences, you could rent near some great trails for some winter hiking, or make sure you’re near town for ice skating and other winter activities. Plus, woodsy cabins are a great place to slow down and unplug from civilization for a while.

5. Small Town Holidays

One of the most charming and heart-warming ways to spend your holiday season is by visiting a small town known for its Christmas holiday traditions. Whether you’re seeing the Festival of Lights in California or the ball drop in NYC, there are tons of locations where you can experience holiday traditions that are unique to that place. Plus, wherever you stay is likely to be decked out for the holidays, and you’ll encounter tons of stalls for apple cider and hot chocolate. If you’ve been longing to get away during the holidays but don’t want to miss out on Christmas cheer, try looking for a small town near you that does the holiday season right.

6. Beachy Getaways

And, of course, you can always book a vacation in Cancun to escape from reality for a while. If what you’re craving are a white sand beach and a swim-up pool, just embrace the winter beach trip life and go for it. Taking a winter trip is all about discovering what exactly you’re missing and finding out how to get it, and hopefully, these suggestions will help you do it. 


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