Tips on How to Choose Stunning Curtains for Your Kitchen

Choose Stunning Curtains

Decorating a kitchen can be extremely difficult because you will have several decisions to make. Most people spend a lot of time in their kitchen, and they can expect visitors to enter the room now and again, especially if it is used for dining. It is vital that it looks good, but decorating it can prove challenging. From where you are going to put cabinets to where you are going to put kitchen appliances, the number of things you need to consider might seem endless. 

Once you have finished decorating your kitchen, one of the last things you must do is invest in curtains, blinds and shutters that suit the design. Some people don’t bother installing curtains into their kitchen, but if the kitchen window is in direct sunlight it might be difficult to see what you are doing. Deciding on kitchen curtains is easier than you think. Tips on How to Choose Stunning Curtains for Your Kitchen-


The material of the kitchen curtains plays an important role. Before investing in kitchen curtains, ask yourself how much light you will want in through the curtains. Most bedroom curtains are designed to keep the light out of the room, but you won’t want to prepare food in the dark, especially when dealing with sharp objects. You will also want to consider the mood you are trying to create in the kitchen. Often lightweight cotton curtains block the sun but still allows enough light in to create a bright atmosphere. 

You can expect the curtains to get dirty now and again, especially if they are near cooking utensils or the kitchen sink, so you will want ones that are easy to wash. Finding out the cleaning guidelines before spending your hard earned money will prove beneficial. Silk and wool curtains can cause a lot of frustration when it comes to cleaning, which is why most people opt for a different type of fabric. Flax has grown in popularity in recent years, because they are durable and they can tolerate constant washing. Although flax can cost the homeowner a pretty penny, they can expect these curtains to have a long life span. Cotton kitchen curtains have been popular for a number of years, and they still are today. They often look fantastic in a kitchen, but they tend to wrinkle after frequent washing. Polyester curtains are a cheap option, and they are easy to clean, however, they do tend to collect dust and other particles quickly. 

Color to Set the Mood

Choosing the color of your curtains is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. Obviously, you need to imagine what the curtains will look like with the kitchen’s color scheme before investing. The color of the curtains can set the mood of your kitchen, so let’s take a look at some of the popular options available, and how they might impact your kitchen:

  • Green: Green can create a cheerful and happy atmosphere. If your kitchen is well-lit, you might want to purchase turquoise curtains. If you have a lot of metallic cooking appliances or other tech items around your kitchen, you might want to consider a mint-colored shade. 
  • Orange: A lot of folks avoid installing orange curtains because they think the color is too bright, however, it can help create a good mood inside the kitchen. Orange curtains tend to work in a kitchen of almost any shade. If you have dark brown furniture in your kitchen, orange curtains can help give it an oriental feel.
  • Gray: It might not seem like the most exciting color to have in your kitchen, but it seems like more homeowners than ever before are using gray to decorate inside their homes. Gray works great with modern kitchen interior, so why not go the extra mile by investing in gray curtains. 

Trying to imagine what colors will look like can be tricky, however, there are plenty of websites, social networking accounts and videos on streaming services on YouTube that upload several images and videos on the different types of colors available. People who enjoy decorating their homes often post images to social networking groups on Pinterest and Instagram. If you don’t already have an account, you should still have no problems accessing these images. Try and find kitchens with a similar design and color scheme to your current kitchen.

Shop Around

After you have figured out what type of color you want, the length of the curtain, and the type of fabric, it’s time to start shopping to choose a stunning curtain. You can contact a business that specializes in making curtains if you want a tailor made curtain, or you can invest in curtains that are already made. There are pros and cons to shopping online for curtains. You won’t get to see the material and the color up close, so if you are investing in several curtains for your kitchen, consider asking the seller for a sample first. Curtain suppliers, especially online, often send potential customers a small sample of the curtain so they can get an idea of what it really looks like. The prices online tend to be cheaper than curtains for sale in a traditional store, but don’t forget to include the cost of shipping. Depending on the material, some curtains are extremely heavy, so the cost of shipping won’t be cheap. 


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