Christmas Décor Trends for 2021


Because of a certain global event that disrupted winter festivities last year, many Christmas lovers are bent on celebrating big this year’s holiday season. That doesn’t mean dragging out the same, tired Christmas decorations you’ve used for the last few years — instead, it means investing in brand-new décor to make your home feel jolly and bright.

Before you buy any Christmas decorations, you might be interested in learning what top interior designers are predicting for the 2021 holiday season. Here are some trend highlights to help you bring Christmas back big time.


Monochromatic design involves decorating with one only a few shades of one color. When done right, monochromatic design looks incredibly chic and helps to highlight design details that are often overlooked, like textures, architecture or even the pops of color that don’t match the rest of the space.

A monochromatic Christmas can take many forms, thanks to the rainbow of colors associated with the holiday. Greens are particularly stylish and allow you to take full advantage of natural pine wreaths and garlands. However, you might also consider creating monochromatic spaces using festive colors like red, white, gold and silver. If you are more daring in your Christmas décor, you might even try a monochromatic scene using black as the dominant hue, which will create a moody and unique interior space.


It makes sense that after a year trapped indoors, people are excited to integrate elements of the outdoors into their indoor holiday décor. This year, you might opt to forego the fake tree in favor of a real fir tree, which will fill your home with fresh, pine-scented air. You can also pick up real pine boughs to make garlands and wreaths, but just as you need to keep watering your real tree, you will need to tend to these living decorations with water and avoid drying them out with heat.

Of course, there are other plants associated with Christmas if pine isn’t your preferred decoration. You might fill your home with poinsettias (as long as you don’t have pets or kids tempted to chew on the leaves). The same is true for holly and mistletoe. If you aren’t interested in using living plants, you can evoke nature with natural materials like wood, sticks, dried leaves and dried flowers.


As a time of year for family and togetherness, the holidays tend to bring back plenty of memories. You can encourage and revel in the act of remembering by decorating your home in a Christmas style of years past. This design style can be fun and funky, and if you are willing to spend time scouring thrift stores for Christmas décor, it can be affordable, too.

To start, you should choose an era for your decorations, as mixing too many different time periods will create confusion and chaos in your interior space. To drive your design theme home, you might integrate other retro design pieces, like furniture or tableware from your chosen era.


After about a decade of sharp lines and hard corners, interior design has finally begun to embrace the curve. Roundness and softness are very much in, so integrating these features into your Christmas décor is a good way to make your holiday season incredibly stylish.

To succeed with soft Christmas decorations, you should start with a soothing and warm color palette, using creamy neutrals as your base. You shouldn’t skimp on plush textiles, like faux fur pillows and chunky blankets, and you should invest in decorations made of fabric or other soft materials, like stuffed animals and tapestries. As a benefit, all the softness around your home will likely help the space retain warmth, keeping your interiors cheery all season long.


It is possible to celebrate Christmas in an incredibly wasteful way, so by committing to sustainability in your décor, you are more likely to identify and eliminate careless and non-environmental practices throughout your holiday season. Sustainable decorations can look different in different homes; you might commit to upcycling décor from previous years, or you could invest only in holiday decorations made from recycled or renewable materials. If you can cut down your energy consumption and indulge in a locally sourced holiday feast, you deserve to be proud about the lower impact of your Christmas celebrations.

Christmas comes every year, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with the same decorations year-in and year-out. This year, you deserve to love your holiday décor, so you should strive to decorate your home in one of the above beautiful and trendy styles.


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