Why Are People Opting to Build Their Own Firearms?


It seems that recently it is becoming more and more of a popular option for people to build their own firearms. Sure, you could argue that the recent periods of people being unable to leave their homes prompted many to build their own firearm as a way to fill the abundance of time they found themselves with. Though this is feasible, there are a huge variety of reasons as to why people might opt to build their own firearms rather than purchase one ready-made. Read on to find out more.


When you put a firearm together yourself, you have the chance to make it so that it is especially tailored to your requirements. For instance, when you buy parts, you can mix and match colors that better suit your personality. You can buy AR15 lower receivers from 80percentarms.com, where you will find a huge variety of different styles and designs of lowers for you to choose from. 

Apart from just making the firearm look more fun, when you customize your rifle you will also be able to add a variety of features such as high-visibility night sights. This means that if you enjoy outdoor activities, you will be able to take your rifle with you, for instance if you go hunting frequently. 

The list of potential modifications goes on as you can pick from the likes of grip modifications, barrels, enhanced mags and recoil springs. Almost all parts of a gun can be altered in a way that better reflects your personality. 

Better Performance 

One of the top advantages of a custom firearm is the increase in performance you will get from it as a result. A regular firearm is usually manufactured in a way that is not ideal for many people, and as such it can have a negative impact on the firearm’s overall performance and reliability. The best way to avoid common flaws is to have a gun custom built or to custom build your gun yourself. 

If you are frequently joining shooting competitions, then customizing your own firearm is a smart decision. It will allow you to stay on top of your game as with the right customization, the most average of guns can be made a whole lot better. 


It is common knowledge that gun owners need to disassemble and reassemble their gun in order to clean it and maintain it. By building your gun yourself, this is one of the best ways to really get to know its ins and outs and make this cleaning process all the more easier. 

You will have first-hand knowledge of exactly how your firearm was originally put together and great insight into how it operates as a result. Also, when the time comes for you to replace a part of your gun, you won’t need to have anyone else do this for you as you will know exactly how to do it yourself. 


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