Different Types Of Ring Setting You Can Consider For Your Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

When you are looking to have a custom-made diamond engagement ring made, there are various factors you will need to consider. You will need to think about the size, cut, and quality of the diamonds you use, the precious metal for the ring, and the setting for the gemstones. The ring setting is a vital factor you will want to spend time thinking about, and the best ring setting will depend on the design of your engagement ring. Below are some of the various ring settings you can consider for your engagement ring to help you make an informed choice and choose what is best for you.

The Solitaire & Prong Setting

If you are looking for an engagement ring that uses one large diamond, the perfect setting for this is a solitaire setting or a prong setting. The diamond is help into position using a small claw-like piece of metal. This is one of the most common settings and is also a classic design. A jeweller who creates the most stunning bespoke engagement rings Brisbane has ever seen will be thoroughly familiar with this style of setting. As such, if this is your preferred one, the jeweller making your custom-made engagement ring will be able to use this and create a beautiful looking ring.

The Tiffany Setting

You can also consider the Tiffany setting, like a prong or solitaire setting, but there is one distinct difference. A prong setting or a solitaire setting will have four clasps that hold the gemstone in place. However, a Tiffany setting uses six clasps to be much more robust and holds the gem firmly. However, a Tiffany setting is trademarked, so you will not be able to get an exact replica unless buying it from Tiffany’s, but a reputable jeweller will be able to create something similar for you that does not breach the trademark.

A Channel Setting

You can also incorporate a channel type of setting into your engagement ring design if you are keen on a solitaire style ring. Using this setting will allow you to add smaller gems to the ring, and a channel is created in the ring’s band to hold the gemstones. You may want to pick various loose diamonds for sale in Brisbane or in your local area to create the perfect ring. The channel setting is also an excellent option to help reduce the likelihood of snagging the engagement ring when you are wearing it. However, it will require more time to make this style, and it also takes much more effort when you need to get it cleaned.

A Halo Setting

If you want to ensure your engagement ring is bling, then a halo setting may be perfect for you. The halo refers to the gemstones surrounding the centre stone, creating a halo for it. It is a trendy style of ring for engagement rings. You can boost the appearance of the central ring, which means you can often use a smaller stone when you surround it with diamonds. The contrast between the gemstones can be beautiful, and it will turn some eyes when your friend and family see you wearing your ring. 

These are a few settings you can consider for your engagement ring, but there are more besides. Search online and find out the other types of settings you can use for your engagement ring.


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