All you need to know to command impressive salaries with salesforce certification in india 2021

command impressive salaries

Globally, employers treat Salesforce professionals very well. And this often reflects in the handsome salaries they pay them annually, among other things. Do you want to know how much you may be earning as a Salesforce professional? Let’s see all you need to know to command impressive salaries with salesforce certification in India.

Salesforce Salaries in India

Given the major contributions made by Salesforce professionals to their companies, there is no doubt that employers treat them well. In fact, apart from basic salaries, Salesforce professionals enjoy other bonuses from their employers. 

The point is that while many are aware of the Salesforce salary survey in Europe, not many know about the Salesforce salary structure in India. At least, not until, alongside Daveworks, conducted the survey in 2020. Salesforce professionals’ salaries depend on their skill set and years of experience. Below, I will show you how the salaries of Salesforce professionals are structured across India in 2021.

  1. Salesforce Software/Testing/Networking: Salesforce software testers are Quality Engineers. After a Salesforce Developer has created a custom app for a company, it is essential to test its functionality and also debug for optimal performance. As a Software Engineer in India, you could make an average of 20.3L annually. As you progress on the job with between 1-9 years of experience, you are entitled to between ₹12.5L- ₹32L. If you are a Salesforce Developer with work experience of 0-6 years, you could be paid between ₹8L – 33L. The average developer here receives about ₹20.4L annually. Likewise, Senior Software Engineers have an average take-home of ₹25.8L. 
  2. Salesforce Sales Department: Signing up for a Salesforce Sales career equals being busy all day long analyzing your company’s sales performance and giving your team the right motivation to achieve personal goals. Sales Managers make nothing less than 8.9L in salaries. As a resource person with 1-15 years of experience, you could earn between 2L – 25L per annum. Business Development is also a lucrative specialization in this regard. You are entitled to an average of 10.3L as basic salary, while 2 years’ experience on the job will earn you 7.4L-16L.
  3. Salesforce Accounting/Finance: Salesforce Accountants do one important job – they track and ensure that the company’s finance is not in shambles. A Finance Manager with about 10 years of being meticulous in accounting could smile home with 18L-23L. Senior Auditors with 7 years’ experience are usually compensated with 19.8L-25.3L. To appreciate Tax Auditors for their meticulousness, they are usually paid between 14.4L – 18.4L.
  4.  Salesforce Marketing: Salesforce Marketers are the backbone of any company. They ensure that customer engagement improves over time. Senior Marketing Managers with 12 years of excellent service delivery usually get 45.9 – 58.7L annually. In the same vein, Campaign Managers are also paid between 7.4L – 21.9L in salaries, as long as they fulfil the requirements of between 4-5 years on the job.  
  5. Salesforce Architecture and Interior Design: This category of professionals has just one job: review how Salesforce solutions are deployed in a company. An average of 36.1L is usually reserved as salary for Account Directors. Spending about 8-18 years with practical experience on the job may earn you 21.4 – 47L.
  6. Salesforce Manufacturing: Salesforce Manufacturers are pretty innovative. They build reliable Salesforce solutions for efficient business management. While Senior Quality Engineers with 6-11 years of experience earn 8.6 – 34.2L, Quality Engineers with 5 years’ experience are usually paid between 9.9L and 16.1L as an annual salary.
  7. IT & Hardware Telecom: Professionals here provide the necessary technical support to complement the activities of other departments. With 3-4 years of deploying enviable skills in Salesforce CRM as Engineer – Customer Support, you are entitled to between 13.3 – 18L as salary. A year-8 L2 Technical Support Engineer also earns between 14.L – 21.3L per annum.
  8. Salesforce HR & Admin: This department is tasked with recruiting competent and skilled hands in Salesforce CRM and inspiring employees to give their best to the organization. Administration Assistants with 12 years’ experience usually enjoy 7.7L – 9.8L as salary. However, a first year HR Recruiter earns an encouraging salary of between 5.9L – 18.4L.

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Salesforce careers have become lucrative in 2021. An average Salesforce professional receives about 2.2 Lakhs per year as a sales executive. The highest salary is about 75.3 Lakhs per annum as a Director. Heads of organizations have realized that Salesforce professionals are the backbones of their businesses. To this end, they ensure that they are not paid less than 12.5 Lakhs as annual salary for Salesforce Developers and 13.9 Lakhs per annum as Technical Support Engineers.

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