The 5 Most Common Rodents And The Risks They Pose


Rodents are among a lengthy list of household and outdoor pests, and while some rodents are decidedly creepy, others are typically kept as household pets, such as hamsters and gerbils. However, not all rodents can be kept as pets, and some pose massive health risks for various reasons, while some rodents can even threaten the value of your home by doing their bit to destroy specific areas. Suppose you have noticed a rodent problem in or around your home. In this case, generally, the best approach is to consult a professional pest service. With that said, here are five of the most common rodents and the kinds of risks they pose to your home and your family’s health. 

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Squirrels are a unique kind of rodent, and many consider them to be exceptionally cute-looking little critters. However, even though the tiny long, bushy-tailed rodents are pretty adorable, they can do a substantial amount of damage to your home. Not only will they gnaw at the wiring of your home and vehicle, but they are also a health concern as their waste can carry concerning diseases, including salmonella. Squirrels nest in ceilings, attics, and other places of the home that are not easily accessible. And because they will gnaw away at everything around them, letting them hang around is both a risk to your health and the value of your property. 


Rats are definitely a lot less cute than squirrels, and most of us are blatantly aware of their pest status. Unfortunately, rats have been known to carry plagues and various diseases across the ages, and a rat infestation can be highly concerning to your family’s health for this reason. There’s seemingly no real end to the lengthy list of diseases that rats can carry, and they can also damage your property by burrowing through walls, breeding in the ceiling, and gnawing through walls and wires. 


Mice and rats are sometimes considered the same species, although mice are smaller, so many assume they are somewhat less harmful than rats. Unfortunately, mice are equally as dangerous in terms of carrying diseases, and they are also capable of extensive property damage if the infestation is extreme enough. 

Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs are known to cause a great deal of yard damage. And while their burrowing destruction is concerning enough for any homeowner, their burrows also attract other harmful pests, such as rattlesnakes and even the dreaded black widow spiders. Moreover, prairie dogs are also well-known disease carriers, as with most kinds of wild rodents. 


While gophers are much less of a threat to the health of your family, they are an exceptional threat to everything growing in your yard. The burrowing rodents will also attract other harmful pests that seek shelter inside their safe burrows. And if you have pets, they are known to transmit concerns such as fleas, ticks, and even rabies. 

A rodent infestation will generally always pose risk concerns for health and property value, regardless of the type of rodent. And when finding solutions to get rid of rodents and ward them off, commercial poisons are often not the best approach, especially if you have pets that could accidentally consume the poisons. For this reason, it is typically always best to consult a pest control service.


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