CBSE Class 8 Maths Exam: Chapter-Wise Study Tips

Maths Exam

Class 8 maths holds a lot of importance for your overall academic performance. The syllabus of class 8 maths is not that vast and can be easily covered if practised and prepared well along with the proper time management. Practice and time management are the two most important factors to fetch good marks in maths. The practice among all the other factors holds a lot of importance. It is considered a key for securing high marks in maths. For this reason, it is important to stay dedicated to your practices in maths.

To start your preparations, the first factor that you should consider is the study material. You should choose your study material wisely as it is a major factor that will lead you towards a better understanding of your syllabus and eventually help you to secure good marks. You may consider NCERT books for your preparations as they are preferred by the board and also contain the appropriate amount of information required.

  • You may start your maths preparation from the first chapter of the NCERT class 8 maths book. The first chapter of the book is rational numbers, it is a very important chapter for building the foundation for other chapters of the subject. You can solve the questions of the chapters easily by understanding the chapter through examples. Examples are a very profound and easy way of understanding the chapters. You may also access solutions of the NCERT questions from a verified source like Vedantu ncert solutions for class 8 maths to determine your strong and weak areas. 
  •  For a better understanding of the chapter, you may write down all the formulas of the chapter on a single sheet of paper or in a separate notebook. Listing them down together will help you to learn the important formula and equations easily and effectively
  • The other chapters related to geometry such as visualizing solid shapes or practical geometry should be prepared well. While preparing for geometrical chapters you should ensure that the figures or the shapes you have drawn are neat and clean. Also, it is important to practice the geometrical figures with proper labelling. The chapters of geometry are score-gaining chapters and the figures of these chapters hold a good amount of marks. Hence, it is important to prepare these chapters well.
  • Data handling is also a very important and score-gaining chapter of the class 8 maths syllabus. You can start this chapter after completing the geometrical chapters. Data handling includes the representation and organization of data through different types of graphs. For practising and solving the questions of this chapter, you will need a graph notebook. Make sure you practice on the graph papers clearly, your data should be neatly represented and you should leave the right amount of spaces while drawing graphs. This chapter is easy to understand and can fetch a good amount of marks. 
  • The other chapters like square and square roots, cubes and cube roots, and comparing quantities are also easily understandable. You can prepare for these chapters in the same way- by solving their NCERT questions. These chapters include some formulas so you may also write those formulas separately for learning them properly. NCERT books contain different exercises for different topics of a particular chapter. You can improve the topics you are weak in by practising the exercises of those topics multiple times. After you have completed the general exercises of a particular chapter then you may refer to the miscellaneous exercise for deeper understanding. Miscellaneous exercises contain slightly higher-level questions compared to the general exercises.
  • The NCERT examples are also a very good source to prepare for your exams. The examples are easily understandable and they can also help you to identify and analyze the writing method for writing your solutions. NCERT examples can also help you understand the exam pattern. Therefore, it is very important to have a keen understanding of the examples.
  • The class 7 NCERT maths syllabus already builds up a good foundation for class 8 maths, so if you have a clear understanding of the class 7 maths then you will not face difficulties while preparing for class 8. The chapters of the class 8 NCERT syllabus include important chapters and concepts that can be very fruitful for your further studies, so it is important to cover the complete syllabus of class 8 maths.

These are the tips that you may consider while preparing for your maths exam. They will easily help you to fetch good marks, but along with following these tips, you should be equally dedicated towards your goal. These tips will make you improve your performance and secure good marks with your hard work and commitment. There is no obstacle that you can’t overcome if you are dedicated enough and the above-mentioned tips will add to your dedication in helping you score good marks.

On the day before your exam, you should sleep on time instead of studying for the whole night. You may wake up a little early in the morning for the last-minute quick revision. Sleeping properly on the day before your exam will ensure that you wake up energized in the morning. Before your exam, remember to carry all the necessary stationery including the pens, pencil, eraser, compass, scale, and all the other geometrical objects and, also carry the required documents to your exam hall, take proper breakfast before you go for your exam. 

With enough dedication and hard work, you will flourish your maths exam with flying colours. Just keep practising and you will succeed. All the best! 


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