It’s common for most women to see celebrities or other women with great hair and wonder why they aren’t blessed with locks like them. But what they perhaps don’t know is that most of these women they envy use hair extensions. Let’s see the reasons to use hair extensions.

Hair extensions aren’t something that people with less or thinning hair use. They are an essential beauty accessory for many women across the world. You will find an array of options such as clip-ins, tape-ins, fusion, and weave extensions, among plenty of others.

For those who’ve thought about using extensions but hesitated, below is a list of undeniable reasons to go ahead with it.

  • Adds volume and enhances look

Choosing the correct extension for your hair can do wonders for your whole look. It can add volume, style, and length to your hair. For instance, women with short hair need not wait long for it to grow back and then style it. 

They can simply clip on an extension at the last minute to get an instant new look. Some extensions can lengthen the hair from approximately twelve to twenty-two inches.

  • A hassle-free way to try new looks

Many women are apprehensive about experimenting with their hair. A simple solution is to try extensions beforehand to gauge what the style will look like on your natural hair. You can get extensions that are wavy, straight, or even curly for a brand new look. 

There are also extensions available in different colors for those who want a bolder look. You can also dye an extension or add highlights to them, provided you are careful not to use products with harmful chemicals.

  • Boosts confidence

A primary reason to use hair extensions is that they can give an immense boost to your confidence. They can enhance the overall appearance and make you feel more attractive. Unsurprisingly, women from all backgrounds use extensions at the workplace. 

For instance, female celebrities, those in the technology industry, and even homemakers have admitted to using extensions regularly.

  • Hide flaws or a bad haircut

The value of the hair extension industry is US$ 3,561.76, as per 2021 statistics. And according to research, it is expected to grow by over 4% by 2028. One of the most significant reasons for this growth is that many women prefer extensions to hide flaws in their natural hair. 

For instance, they may wish to hide a thinning hairline, poor hair texture, split ends, chronic hair loss, or even hide a bad haircut, among other things.

For that matter, even many men are increasingly using hairpieces to cover bald spots, thinning hair, and just to give their confidence a boost. This high demand has resulted in an incredible rise in the sale of extensions at present.

  • Cost-effective 

The bills can pile up pretty quickly when you get a lot of hair treatments done. These typically include dyeing sessions, implants, hair spas, and other such expensive remedies. 

Investing in a variety of extensions can save you a lot of money in the long run. You will need fewer revitalizing treatments and make fewer trips to the salon to get your hair colored – because now you can easily color the extensions yourself. 

  • Hassle-free maintenance

Contrary to the belief that hair extensions are difficult to care for, they are actually relatively easy to maintain. You just need to ensure that you wash them frequently – at least once or twice a week, refrain from using harsh products on them, and keep them untangled to avoid breakage. 

Also, remember that you must never comb an extension right after washing it, as there are chances of them breaking away. 

Besides the reasons listed above, you can also consider getting extensions simply because they are super easy to use and help you stay in vogue. 



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