Questions You Should Ask When Renting a Graduation Yard Sign     

Renting Graduation Yard Sign     

The essence of all graduation parties is the same- to celebrate the graduates and their accomplishments. Graduation yard signs display congratulatory messages and are usually placed on campus or on home lawns. Since you will not use these signs often, renting makes more sense than buying. You can return the signs to the sign supplier after usage. The supplier may even allow you to customize rental graduation signs to suit specific requirements. Let’s lookout for some questions you should ask when renting a graduation yard sign.

Additionally, they will give you a wide range of graduation greeting options to choose from.

Should You Book the Signs in Advance?

Most graduation parties in the US take place in May and June. Several homes and schools in your locality may hold graduation parties in these months. 

If you plan to rent graduation yard signs from your local sign and banner supplier, you may have to book the signs in advance. It may be best to book the sign at least a month or two in advance to access the best rental graduation signs. 

How Much Do the Signs Cost?

Find out if the cost of these signs align with the graduation party budget. The sign supplier might show you graduation signs that fall under different price ranges. The cost of graduation yard signs will vary based on their condition, the overall appearance, and the amount of detailing integrated into them.  

Graduation yard signs that contain detailed messages and greetings might be expensive. Additionally, you may have to pay more for emergency bookings. Simple graduation signs that don’t include catchy details, pictures, and shapes may be cheaper. The size of the sign is another factor that influences its price.

Are the Signs Weatherproof?

The weather conditions are one of the essential points to consider when planning a graduation party. Weatherproof graduation yard signs are water-resistant and will not be damaged if it rains. 

You can easily move these signs and the party indoors if the weather does not happen to be on your side on the day of the graduation party. Since the signs are water and sun damage resistant, you can even leave them on the lawn for a few days. 

What is the Minimum Rental Term for the Signs?

Most yard sign rental services allow you to rent signs for a day or two. If you want to retain the signs for longer, you may have to pay additional rental fees. Some rental services may also insist on longer rental terms. 

Are Customization Options Available?

You may find it challenging to find a supplier who offers customization options for rental graduation signs. However, the supplier may allow you to choose specific fonts, colors, and themes. 

The sign rental service may already have signs that suit the logos and colors of popular schools and universities in the locality. 

High-quality sign rental services may have signs that display quirky graduation messages and fun quotes. You can also create custom messages with individual alphabets that are used for the signs.

Will the Rental Service Help With Sign Set Up?

Check if the rental service experts offer home delivery and set up services. These experts have a much better understanding of how best to showcase your message with graduation signs. You may also check if the rental service helps with sign dismantling. 

What is the Refund Policy?

It is vital to determine if the sign rental service will provide a total discount if the party gets canceled or the signs are defective. Check if the rental service is flexible to rescheduling.

Final Thought

You may consider setting up the graduation signs at least a day before the party. Graduation greeting rentals are sensible and cost-effective. Some greeting rental services may also offer other decoration arrangements.



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