Five Common Boating Accidents and Reasons Why You Need an Accident Attorney

Common Boating Accidents

Florida is one of the top tourist attractions in the United States. Around 19 million tourists visit the sun-kissed beaches in Miami all around the year. Let’s see at five common boating accidents and the reasons why you need an accident attorney.

Boat traffic on the beaches is significantly high during the weekends and the holiday seasons. As much as water sports are the best recreational activity in Miami, boating accidents are a common occurrence in the city. In 2020, the city witnessed about 95 accidents, including five fatal crashes. 

Dealing with accidents can be a traumatic experience. Hiring a high-qualified Miami boating accident attorney is always advisable in such an unfortunate situation.

Common Boating Accidents in Miami

Florida is number one in the United States for the number of watercraft. Before the pandemic in 2019, Florida registered nearly one million vessels with a total of 961,266.

There are some reasons and factors that can result in a boat accident. Here are five common types of boating accidents seen in Miami.

An Inexperienced or Unfocused Boat Operator 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trains boat owners regarding the safety rules of boating. Only a licensed boat operator can carry passengers for a ride or recreational saltwater fishing in Miami waters.

Only an experienced boat operator can navigate the vessel safely. An amateur rider can miss obstacles like swimmers, other boats, or heavy submerged obstacles. 

Lack of concentration can lead to dangerous and fatal boating accidents. An inexperienced boater should only ride the vehicle under proper supervision.

Bad Climatic Conditions

Like any other coastal city in the US, Miami is also prone to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. Heavy winds and rains can hamper safe boating conditions.

As an operator, it is imperative to the wind speed warnings to avoid boating accidents.

Malfunctioning of Boating Equipment

Major boating accidents often occur due to faulty boating equipment or an electrical malfunction. When a piece of boating equipment is not well-maintained or checked before taking the vessel out in the sea, it can lead to fatal accidents.

It is advisable to check the vehicle for defective motors and other machinery for a safe ride.

Alcoholic Boaters

Operating any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substance is an illegal and a chargeable offense. It can lead to boating accidents that result in loss of property and life.

Excessive Speed

The thrill of zooming through the sea can often lead to severe boating accidents. Driving responsibly is an essential part of defensive driving.

Slow and cautious driving will give you the time to react during an emergency. You can escape collisions and dangerous hazards in the sea.

Why Do You Need an Accident Attorney?

Accidents are unavoidable in the case of new dangers or a pure lack of attention. A dangerous boating accident can leave you physically and mentally impaired for life.

Speaking with a Miami boating accident attorney can help you in many ways.

  • The lawyer can help to gather the evidence and witnesses of the accident to build a strong case.
  • They can help you to deal with insurance companies to get compensation for your loss.
  • They are the right choice to file a legal lawsuit against the boat operator to claim money for both physical and property damage.
  • An experienced attorney is well-versed with state and federal laws. Hence, they can provide invaluable advice on the legal proceedings and guide you to win the case.
  • Lawyers are adept at paperwork and handling courtroom sessions.
  • Attorneys have the resources and support staff to investigate your accident properly. They can ensure that you are compensated fully and fairly for your injuries.

Final Word

Before you plan your next vacation to Miami, it is important to brush up your knowledge on safety rules for boating.


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