How to Know When You Are Overpaying for Data Only Sim Plans


If you currently have a sim-only data plan or think of getting one, you can end up overspending if you are not mindful. In theory, you can save hundreds of dollars every year. What a sim only sim plan Singapore carriers usually offer is a certain amount of traffic allowance every month or unlimited traffic. Knowing how much you need can help get the right plan and save some money into the process. You can determine if you are overspending or you are getting a good deal by understanding your usage habits a bit better.

The first thing that you want to focus on is your data usage and how you use your smartphone. If you are streaming videos a lot, you probably need plenty of data traffic every single month. A 720p YouTube video eats up about 0.9 GB of data per hour while 1080p consumes about 1.5 GB per hour. Watching something on YouTube for about 2 hours will spike up your data usage by around 3 GB for the day.

Are You Using All Your Data Traffic Allowance?

To get a clearer idea of just how much data you need, you just have to use your smartphone as you would normally. At the end of the month, you can check your data usage and determine just how much data traffic you have left. On a sim only data plan in Singapore carriers tend to offer a reasonable amount of traffic but users rarely use all of it. If at the end of the month you have more than 20% of your monthly traffic allowance left and unused, you are overspending on your plan.

Once you have determined that you do not need that much monthly data traffic, you can start scouting for better deals. You can even consider swapping carriers. The price per GB you are getting with one carrier may be much lower with another. Also, since you may need to get a plan with less traffic, you may even end up cutting your monthly subscription bill by 50%.

Getting The Right Sim Only Data Plan

A sim-only data plan can be much more lucrative than a combo plant that includes a smartphone. If you are not in desperate need of an upgrade, a sim-only plan is the better choice. Usually, plans that include a smartphone or a discounted one, are more expensive. You end up paying more per GB than with a sim-only plan. Carriers need to cover the discounted smartphone price by increasing the monthly subscription while offering the same benefits as with a cheaper sim-only plan.

When looking for a sim only data plan Singapore carriers have a wide range of offers. It is important to not limit your options to just one carrier. There are plenty of smaller carriers that offer much better deals. You can get cheaper traffic, great transfer speeds, and more benefits while spending less each month on your subscription if you choose your plan wisely. Even identical plans with identical benefits but from different carriers may present a considerable difference in pricing.


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