5 cool stoner room ideas

cool stoner room ideas

Everyone has their ideal way to enjoy cannabis, whether you are a traditional smoker or if you prefer edibles. Everyone who consumes cannabis can agree that getting high is one of life’s sweetest pleasures but what about when it comes to finding a place to smoke? Those who love weed might find it difficult to find an ideal place to smoke because there might be certain restrictions such as living with your parents. The good news is that there are numerous ways that you can designate a space in your house for a “stoner room”. Whether you are living in an apartment or a detached house, these cool stoner room ideas will give you an ideal space to enjoy your high whenever you want. 

Choose accessories that fit your style

Every stoner is unique and has a different style so make sure that when you choose accessories, they match your style. Artificial lighting is a great touch. You can invest in cool lava lamps, water bubble lamps, and LED lights to add character to your stoner room. You should also try to personalize your standard stoner accessories such as your bong, ashtray, and grinder. Stoner accessories are more advanced than ever, so you can even purchase a Lava Lamp silicone water pipe, just as the one found on smokecartel.com. It is a damage-resistant and colorful lamp equipped with an inline percolator, which guarantees smoother hits. It is undoubtedly a great addition to your stoner room.

When picking out these items, try and go for ones that have character and will add personality to your space. Another fun idea is to have trippy things to play with and look at such as slime, stress balls, optical illusions, or things that glow in the dark.  

Make your room look like an art gallery

One of the amazing effects of weed is that it gives you an appreciation for art and when you are high, colors become more vivid and vibrant which profoundly stimulates your eyesight. To replicate an art gallery in your space, incorporate art pieces with different colors, textures, and concepts. When you are high, you will appreciate these elements while you are tripping and if you are with a group of friends, the art becomes a great conversation piece. You want to include art that has a therapeutic effect on you, you can usually tell by noticing which art reduces anxiety and stress when you look at it. The different types of art that you can use include posters, paintings, and beautiful tapestries which are especially popular in the cannabis community. 

Design a space for maximum relaxation and comfort

When you are getting high, you want to be in an environment that promotes feelings of relaxation and comfort while you are enjoying your special plant. To achieve a maximum level of comfort and relaxation, consider adding comfortable seating such as hanging chairs, floor pillows, or bean bag chairs. If you have a bed, place many comfortable pillows on it. Music also plays a huge role in relaxing us so make sure you have a good speaker system and specially curated stoner playlist filled with mellow and chilled songs to help you relax. Music is one of the world’s most powerful healing tools and when you are high, you will appreciate it even more so prioritize good music in your stoner room. 

Add plants for fresh air and natural light 

Nature is healing and being surrounded by her will automatically induce feelings of relaxation and calm. Make it your mission to buy beautiful indoor plants for your stoner room to improve the look and feel of the space. You should also incorporate healing scents such as lavender, rose, and jasmine into your space because these scents have healing properties and can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. A good investment is an essential oil diffuser or some incense that will fill your room with wonderful smells. Candles are also another good investment in a stoner room.

The most important thing to remember when creating your stoner room is to have fun. This is a room where you will relax, unwind and have fun with yourself and your friends. Remember, comfort is key so add pillows and comfortable seating. Art is a great touch so hang paintings and tapestries on your wall and have a good playlist and sound system. Finally, incorporate nature into your space and fill the room with great accessories.


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