Why Is Now The Perfect Time To Get New Carpet Flooring?


Carpet flooring is the best choice for many homeowners and this is for reasons that are not far-fetched. Carpet flooring is very comfortable, easy to install, and easily blends in with the interior design of any home. One aspect about carpet flooring that might prove difficult for homeowners is timing its replacement. Below are tips to help to figure out the perfect time to get new carpet flooring. 

Tips To Know That It Is Time For A New Carpet

  • Color: If you cannot remember the original color of your carpet, then it is high time you changed. With the growth in innovation, most carpets today come with fade-resistant coating and color-fast fibers. These features help to give carpets a vibrant color for a long time. As such, if the carpet starts to lose color, then it is the perfect time for an upgrade. 
  • Peeking Underlay: This goes without saying, but if the underlay of your once luscious carpet is peaking, then it is time for a change. A peeking underlay is an eyesore and could be embarrassing when you have visitors over. Its other disadvantages include being a trip hazard. Finally, it will not be as functional as expected, the gap will let out heat depriving you of much-needed warmth. In this way, your electricity bill might go up a few units. 
  • Renovation: The way it works, carpet flooring is installed to match the interior design of the home. This means that the color and style of the carpet are chosen to match other areas of the room. In the case that you redecorated or renovated your home, it might be the best time to change your carpet as well. This is because, with the new design and fresh coat, the design of the old carpet might look out of place. It could also look jaded and old in the face of the renewed brightness of the home. In such cases, it is best to change your carpet flooring as well. You could change to carpet tiles if it suits the design better.
  • Stains: Oil spills, color painting, muddy shoes, all of these are typical culprits when it comes to carpet flooring stains. Unfortunately, it is near impossible to prevent stains on your carpets. This is why it is best to replace carpets with too many visible stains. 
  • Sneezing: If you find yourself sneezing uncontrollably for long periods, then it might be time to replace your carpet. Carpet flooring harbors dust and getting it out completely, becomes more difficult with time. 

Also, if you cannot tell the exact number of years that you have owned a carpet for, it might be time to get a new one. It is probably too old already. (birth control) Changing houses means that you are most likely changing building structure, so you are better off leaving the carpet if you are moving to a new apartment


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