5 DIY Half Wall Transformations That Will Inspire You


Over the years, individuals with small apartments have devised different means to make their space appear bigger. Some of these methods include painting the room a certain shade, using full-length mirrors as well as half walls. Of all these options, half walls are the most attractive one, as it allows for further work and transformation. Half wall transformations can leave your space looking beautiful and more inviting. Below are five half-wall transformations that you can carry out by yourself in your apartment. 

DIY Half Wall Transformations For Your Home

  • DIY Half Wall Bookcase: If you are a lover of books, then this is a great transformation for you. If you are not, you could learn to love books. This transformation process entails turning your half wall into a bookcase. You can start this by taking the molding off the walls. Doing this will give you a clear idea of what is required. Measure the length and breadth of the wall, to help you in creating a box. This box will be attached to the wall to create the bookcase. You can round up the process by adding finishing. 
  • Molding: Molding is another way to transform your half wall and give it a facelift. For half walls that appear to be ordinary and uninteresting, molding is the best option. Look up molding styles and techniques online, and you can be with something that works. A molding exercise will leave your half wall looking new and classy. 
  • Half Wall Face Lift: If you are not satisfied with just molding, you can try out a whole facelift. This will take more time, energy, and resources but you can be sure to get the best result. While it entails the same process as molding, the result is quite different. Molding focuses on a certain part of the half wall, while a facelift transforms the entire wall. 
  • Exterior Half Wall: It is common knowledge that half walls do not exist only on the interior of the home. You can have exterior half-walls as well. So what can you do to give your exterior half wall a unique touch, giving your home a refreshing outlook? You can improve it by adding artificial stone panels. They are very easy to install, without requiring much effort. It is a great choice of DIY activity to carry out with your friends or family.
  • DIY Half Wall Post: In many homes, staircases can be seen to have half walls. As many as they are, these walls see little or no transformation. You can transform your half wall post by molding effectively making it into a Newel post. You can also use a polymer formwork system to give it a new look.

Transforming your half walls is a fun activity that will be worth your while. The results will leave your apartment looking more homely and sophisticated. 


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