Ethical and Sustainable Beauty: What Do They Mean?

Ethical and Sustainable Beauty

When it comes to beauty products, you will find tons of words on product labels such as organic, natural, non-GMO, and so on. Among these you will also find the words “ethical” and “sustainable”. Now, what exactly do these mean? What are some examples of ethical and sustainable beauty products?


An ethical product or an ethically-produced item is made through a process that does not cause negative impact to the laborers and the involved the community. It is also described as a product that is not harmful to the user. Additionally, ethical products are not harmful to the environment and to animals.

A sustainable product, on the other hand, is also environmentally-friendly. It is produced through a process that does not destroy the environment by not depleting natural nonrenewable resources such as oil and coal. Nonrenewable resources refer to natural resources that cannot be replaced once used up.

Sustainable products are made from resources that are renewable. This means that the resources used can be replaced over time through natural processes. In practicing sustainability, the goal is to protect natural resources and to ensure that future generations will have access to them.

Ethical and sustainable are often used interchangeably as both share a common goal of being earth-friendly. The difference is that sustainability highlights the responsible use of resources in the aspect of production while ethics focuses on social responsibility and fair trade.

When it comes to practicing an eco-conscious beauty routine, ethical and sustainable are tightly linked together. For example, what good is a moisturizing lip balm made of organic honey if it does not provide proper wages to its farmers?

Ethical and Sustainable Beauty Products

Now that we have defined ethical and sustainable, you might be wondering, “What ethical and sustainable beauty products are there?” Here are various products that you can explore or even add to your beauty routine. These would make great alternatives, too if you’re planning to make the switch.

Natural Organic Lip Crayon 

Who would have thought that producing a small item can cause damage to forests? A report shows how rainforests, including plants and animals, are being destroyed to source palm oil, which is normally used to make lipsticks. You have also probably heard of beauty brands that conduct animal testing just to produce lip makeup products. This is the ugly truth of the beauty industry.

The thing is, beauty does not have to cause harm to the planet and to the creatures that inhabit it. Fortunately, various ethical and sustainable beauty brands have been stepping up to offer alternatives and help support the environment.

So, how about swapping your regular lipstick for a nourishing vegan lip crayon with high payoff? Axiology offers clean and cruelty-free lip crayons that are made with organic orange, avocado, and moringa oils to keep your lips moisturized and conditioned.

You will also love the rich shade made from natural pigments that can beautifully suit any skin color. It’s PETA-certified, and its packaging is made of handmade boxes by a women’s cooperative in Bali. This organic lip crayon will make a great addition to your makeup kit.

Zero Waste Shampoo

Is shampoo environmentally-friendly? Many shampoo brands are not. A lot contain ingredients that are harmful to human health. Additionally, plenty of shampoo products add up to our never-ending plastic waste problem. In the US alone, 550 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year.

A great alternative to regular shampoo is this zero waste shampoo. You will love it because it can awaken your senses with natural lime and lavender. It effectively cleanses your hair and prevents dryness. It’s so good, you would want to lather it all over your body. As it does not come in a plastic shampoo bottle, it’s good for the planet too.

Apothecary Muse makes sure to provide a high level of care starting from production until the end user produces zero waste skincare. They support local suppliers for raw materials and packaging. Now, that is ethical and sustainable beauty!

 Reusable Cotton Rounds

Did you know that single-use cotton products cause harm to the environment? For one, the process of cultivating cotton degrades soil quality, which means that it is not sustainable. It is also surprising to know that cotton is described to be a toxic business, with 77 million of cotton workers suffering from poisoning.

So, what is an ethical and sustainable alternative to single-use cotton pads? Reusable cotton rounds that are made of 100% sustainably sourced wood cellulose and cotton fibers that are too short to be used in the textile industry. LastRound comes with 7 reusable cotton pads that can replace 1,750 disposable ones or more.

The case is environmentally-friendly too, made of plant-based material or of recycled plastic. What’s great about LastRound is that it feels and works just like the regular cotton that you got used to. To reuse, simply wash and let dry. You can include it in your laundry bag too.


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