5 Best Ways to Efficiently Heat Your Home this Winter

Ways to Heat Home Winter
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Sadly, we are coming towards the end of the summer, and this means we must turn out heads towards preparing for colder, dark months. One question we must ask ourselves is, how efficient is our heating system? It is vital to ensure we are not wasting resources when we heat our homes for financial and environmental reasons. Here are our five best ways to efficiently heat your home this winter.

Better Insulation

Before addressing the potential heating possibilities, we should consider preventing any warmth from escaping from the house. Sound insulation can be just as effective as any other measure. The prime way of achieving this is with loft and cavity wall insulation. But it is essential not to neglect your windows and doors, they should be replaced between 15 and 20 years, and underfloor insulation should be considered.

Renewable Technologies

We are entering a new era in terms of energy consumption, and new technologies are fast becoming the norm. We would be daft to neglect the possibilities that renewable energies are giving us. The benefits are twofold; if we produce our own power via solar panels or wind turbines, then we are not paying for energy as we use it and can even sell excess electricity back to the national grid; this can come in handy as you may need to buy power when you are not producing.

Fires & Wood Burners

There’s something comforting about the traditional methods of doing things, and heating is no different. A homely fire or log burner is highly cozy and welcoming. Remember to keep your fire and chimney in good condition and have it inspected and cleaned every year by qualified people, such as Pro-Tech Chimney Sweeps. It does take a little time to get going, but it is well worth it.

Radiant Floor Heating

This is a relatively new option to have heating come from underneath the floor. But it makes perfect sense when you consider how it works; the heating comes from underneath, either by electric or heated water methods. The simple fact that heat rises makes sense to have the heating as low as possible, and nothing is lower than under the floor. The fact that we don’t need bulky heaters in the room frees up new possibilities for layout and design. The only downsides are that it is a relatively expensive option and requires a certain amount of space under the floor to be installed. 

Traditional Heaters

We should not neglect the option of traditional heating, as although old inefficient systems are not desirable, a newer and more efficient version of what we previously had can be much more efficient. Consider that a new boiler, although an expense, can be simply fitted into the existing system. Or, if you have electric heating, we can run this from any new renewable power source we install at your property.

Addressing one or more of the above options will increase comfort and save us money over time.


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