What do you have to do when moving?

What to do when moving

Moving is one of the most difficult jobs that a person does. Luckily, this can become easier by hiring professional movers. Once you can find out the movers which are right for you, you can now easily complete this difficult job. But your duty does not end here as you have to pay attention to everything until the task completes and you can transport all the items safely to your new home. If you are looking for tips to make your move as smooth as possible then here are some tips form the best cross country moving companies for what to do when moving:

Start with hiring the right movers: 

When you start the process of hiring professional services for you, you should first decide your needs and requirements. Then start exploring the internet to look for the companies which are suitable for you. Research as much as you can and get to know all the details about the moving company before you finalize any deal with them. Of course, you don’t want any problem during the process therefore it is important to spend enough time to find out the right professionals for you. IT is recommended you get the contact numbers of the movers because, during the process, you will require their contact numbers.   

Make sure there is no miscommunication with the professionals

To avoid any kind of miscommunication, you should write everything and should make notes of whatever movers are saying. Also, you should have a contract with all the things written over it so that both the parties can get satisfied with the entire thing going on. 

Make sure your items are covered by insurance

When you are hiring a moving company, you should check whether the company is offering the right insurance coverage or not. If you are currently covered all the belongings then it is ok to hire the company else you might look for the other policies that the company is offering you No one wants to suffer any kind of loss, damage happens during transportation, therefore, it is always a wiser option to get the details of insurance and choose the right one. 

Identify the type of move you want to have: 

Do you prefer to hire full-service movers or would love to customize your move according to your needs and requirements? You can easily hire the services you want and can do the rest of the moving jobs by yourself. 

Pack items that your hired professionals won’t pack

Even when you have hired full-service movers still there are certain items that they won’t pack for you and you have to pack these by yourself. They are prohibited by the law forms to pack certain items like flammables, perishables, and other hazardous items. So you have to keep these aside or have to dispose of all these items by yourself. 

Keep kids and pets away

It is recommended you keep the kids and pets away when there are movers present at your home. If you are not able to make off-site arrangements for them then leaving pets alone in a room with food and all the necessary items will work and give iPad or other games to kids so that they can keep themselves entertained and don’t disturb movers when they are working. Not just that, if they come in between when the movers are lifting something then there is the chance of accidents, therefore, you should never take any kind of risk

Double-check everything

Remember that movers are not familiar with all the stuff you have even the most sincere ones could leave some items behind and forget packing these. Therefore it is recommended you to check through every room that nothing is left behind. Also check all the hidden spots of your home like the cabinets, dishwasher, and so on. Don’t forget to empty the refrigerator also. When it is the moving day and you are moving don’t forget to double-check the entire home before leaving. Make sure that all the lighting equipment is off and all the windows and doors are closed. This also helps you to collect the item if anything is left over there. 

Create an emergency contact list

Moving is a risky task because you are moving to a completely unfamiliar city or place. The rules and regulations at the new place will be different therefore if anything wrong happens in between then you can contact to the ones who could reach there to help you. You should also have the contact number of the movers so that you can stay connected with them during the entire moving process. 


Even when you hire full-service movers still you need to do a lot of tasks from paperwork to all the above-written tasks so that you don’t have a bad moving experience. While if you don’t hire full services then you have to start preparations months before to have a successful move. 


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