Comparing The Top Rated Takeaways In The UK

Takeaways In UK

Whether it’s a cozy Friday night in front of the TV, a nice catch-up with friends or a Sunday morning hangover cure, we all love treating ourselves to a tasty takeaway from time to time! After all, what is a better feeling than unwrapping the takeaway packaging to let out the mouth watering aromas and tucking into some delicious foodWith us Brits loving to order in takeaways, research has been carried out to establish UK favorite cuisine of choice. Has yours made the top 5?

  1. Chinese

With so many delicious dishes on offer, it’s no wonder that Chinese takeaways have made the top spot. For both adventurous eaters looking to try new flavours and picky eaters alike, the option to order many dishes which can be shared among the group is a bit hit. Some of the most popular choices are chow mein, sweet and sour chicken and chicken balls… delicious!

2. Indian

Again, the number of different tastes available make Indian takeaways a popular choice for those all over the country. Although not everyone is a big fan of spice, there are plenty of options designed to cater to those looking for a milder dish which is still bursting with delicious flavours. The most popular Indian dishes across the UK include the classic chicken tikka masala, chicken korma and chicken madras, but don’t get us started on the incredible side dishes on offer!

3. Fish and chips

Not the biggest surprise since we’re best known for our staple dish, but the classic fish and chips have of course taken a spot on the leaderboard. Located on every corner, the UK loves a fish and chip shop (seaside or no seaside!), combining the crispy battered fish with soft chips drenched in salt and vinegar. Although let’s not delve into the big mushy peas, gravy or curry sauce debate that separates the north from the south!

4. Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? The crispy base combined with the tangy tomato sauce and stringy cheese is a massive hit for even the fussiest of eaters. With popular chains such as Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut allowing you to combine various tasty toppings to create the perfect pizza, there’s a reason why pizza is a staple British takeaway. As well as being a convenient and delicious meal, the leftover cold pizza is just as good the next day – there’s no waste over here!

5. Kebabs

Although the first kebab shop in the UK only opened up in the 1960’s, it has become a firm favourite for the modern Brit. The unique style of cooking meat on a vertical rotisserie and slicing off thin layers which can be loaded with salad and sauces is a must have for many of us, with a firm favourite being the doner kebab. In many areas of the UK, the local kebab shop comes alive in the early hours of the morning, being the ultimate comfort food after a few drinks on the town.


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