Richest Gaming Company: The Highest Earners In the Field

richest gaming company
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The video gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing ones. In a short time, it has become the most lucrative industry around the world. Comparatively, the gaming industry is earning more than the movie and music industry. The net worth of the richest gaming company is something we can’t even imagine. 

The richest gaming company in the world 2021 is worth more than $1 trillion. Although games have been around for quite some time now, the popularity of PUBG, mangaowl, Fortnight and other such games have fueled the potential. In the coming times, the richest gaming company 2021 will be more than $1 trillion. 

If you’re considering becoming a game developer, you definitely should go for it. Because the gaming industry is worth so much, who wouldn’t want to become a gamer. 

The Richest Gaming Company

There are numerous gaming companies in the industry, which are worth more than a billion. The rising popularity of games has, however, played an important role in boosting this industry. Here are the richest gaming company to look forward to:

1. Konami

Konami is one of the richest gaming company 2021. These Japanese game developers started off with arcade machines and eventually moved a lot—some of the popular games by Konami like Scramble, Super Cobra and Frogged. 

richest gaming company
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Frogged has been one of the most successful franchises by Konami. Around 20 million copies of the same were sold worldwide. However, the only downside is that they aren’t a part of the console gaming sector anymore. They are focusing more on mobile marketing. 

2. Square Enix

Square Enix was one of the richest gaming companies in 2019. Even today, it holds its spot among the top richest companies. Square Enix has been headquartered in Tokyo and is extremely popular for its video games. 

Apart from video games, Square Enix is pretty popular for motion pictures, anime, manga, books and more. Yasuhiro Fukushima has the highest number of shares. Square Enix focuses mostly on RPG genres and arcades. Some of the most popular games by Square Enix include Final Fantasy, Danus and Space Invaders. Final Fantasy, however, has been the most successful gaming platform. 

3. Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is a company popular for software, but it is also known for its license, support, consumer electronics and more. Apart from being one of the leading software makers globally, they are also popular for video games. 

Microsoft has its own gaming division known as Xbox Game Studios. Some of the most popular projects by Microsoft include Crimson Dragon, Cobalt and Minecraft. Minecraft has earned quite a lot of popularity in the market. Therefore, you can check out the various streaming platforms to get exclusive footage. 

4. Bandai Namco

Established in 2005, Bandai Namco is one of the most popular gaming companies. It has the richest gaming platform. Bandai acquired Namco for $1.7 billion. The collaboration between the two, however, played an important role. 

richest gaming company
Source: Polygon

Bandai Namco is quite popular for its wide range of games. Apart from mobile devices, they also focus on arcade gaming. Some of the most popular franchises by the same name have been DragonBall, Tekken, Famista, Dark Souls and Pacman. Reports show that in the coming times, a lot of titles are on the way. Some of the upcoming games include Digimon Survive, Tales of Arise, The Last Kids on Earth and The Staff of Doom and Scarlet Nexus. 

5. Sega

Based in Japan, another richest gaming company 2021 is Sega. Sega has been extremely popular in the arcade industry. Furthermore, it is also popular for its entertainment games and soles. 

Sega, with a value of $4.9 billion, produced arcade machines too. Sonic is one of the most successful and popular franchises by Sega. But that’s not all. Some of the other popular franchises by the same include Puyo Puyo, Megami Tensei, Total War and Warhammer. 

6. Sony

Sony Corporation is extremely popular for its video games too. While we have heard about Sony’s electronic appliances, its prominence in the gaming industry isn’t familiar. 

PlayStation is, however one of the most successful franchises by Sony Corporation. It has formed its place among the best gamers across the world. All the games by Sony are published through Sony Interactive Entertainment Group. 

richest gaming company
Source: Forbes

They are pretty much popular for their games, accessories, consoles, and so much more. Some of the most popular games launched by Sony Corporation include The Last of Us, NBA ShootOut, and BloodBorne. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment is responsible for the gaming department. Being one of the leading and richest gaming company in the world, the net worth of SIE is around $203.8 billion. Furthermore, PlayStation Network had 41.5 million subscribers last year. 

7. Electronic Arts

Based in the United States, the net worth of Electronic Arts is around $8.58 billion. Despite being one of the richest gaming company, it is never away from controversy. 

In fact, in 2012, it also received the title of Worst company in America 2012 by The Consumerist. Electronic Arts’ most popular games include Need for Speed, BattleField, The Sims, and FIFA. The craze of FIFA has always been out of the world- whether it’s in the real world or the gaming industry. 

The upcoming Electronic Arts titles that are expected to take the market by the storm include Lost In Random, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and It Takes Two. 

8. Tencent Games

The overall value of Tencent Games is hard to determine. The popularity of PUBG has made it the richest gaming company. Not only has it developed its reputation in the movie industry but the gaming industry too. 

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Tencent Games own Riot Games. They are continuing to recklessly invest, which is an important part of their business strategy. Some of the popular games by Riot Games include TeamFight Tactics and League of Legends. 

Final Thoughts

The richest gaming company, however, plays a vital role in bringing changes around the gaming industry. They are manipulating the industry and are eventually contributing to significant changes. These companies have however played an important role in contributing to the rise of the gaming industry. This eventually has had a positive impact.

Now that you know the main gaming industry, what are the games that you play? 


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