How to be Prepared During One Night Stand

During One Night Stand

A one night stand is a sexual encounter where both parties do not expect to see each other again and lasts for only one night. It can be fun and what you need at a particular moment, but it can be full of mishaps and embarrassments without proper preparations. When you are planning to get yourself in such an agreement, failing to plan is risky. Nobody wants to get stuck in the wrong part of town without cash to pay for a taxi or with a phone that is about to die. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the full experience, proper preparations are important. Let’s see how to be prepared during one night stand.

Keep yourself clean

The photos people use on the sex dating apps are attractive and enticing. Since you do not want to disappoint your date, you have to match the description they saw on the hookup apps. Cleanliness should be your priority when going for these dates. Therefore, take a thorough pre-shower and pay special attention to the body parts that people overlook. If you think you will have the best night of your life, do not allow hygiene to stop you from achieving your dreams.

Always be safe

If you meet someone in a bar or one of the adult hookup apps, it is essential to be paranoid for your safety because you never know what might happen wrong since you are dealing with a stranger. In a one-night stand, it is advisable to take the other person to your place so that you are in control of whatever will happen. 

Additionally, it is smarter to deal with someone you know through a friend or someone with a profile with all their information in the hookup apps. Dealing with someone you have a connection with is easier because you will be more comfortable than a stranger.

Get the right mindset

When looking for a one-night stand partner, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Your responsibility is to protect your emotions and do away with thoughts of turning your partner into a marriage partner. Even if two of you might look adorable when you look at yourselves in the bedroom mirror, do not forget the initial agreement. Remember to have your fun, and that is it.

Do not take too much alcohol

It is normal to take a few glasses of wine before hooking up with your partner. However, it would be best if you were careful to ensure that you do not get wasted. Remember that alcohol impairs your judgment, and you might end up making mistakes that you will live to regret. Additionally, you also want to remember the whole experience.

Always use protection

In such an agreement that lasts only one night, condoms are a must. Even if you are sleeping with someone you know and trust, it is essential to use condoms. Using condoms is a good thing because it protects you against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Do not let a night that was meant to be full of fun haunt you for the rest of your life because you did not take the necessary precautions.

Take charge

In most cases, women do not get orgasms when they sleep with someone the first night. It happens because men are not familiar with women’s bodies at first, so it is difficult for them to get them to climax. That is why you are in charge of your orgasm. Be vocal and let your partner know what they need to do so that they can make you come. Since you might not be getting a second chance, you have to make every moment count.

Do not feel guilty

It is unnecessary to guilt-trip yourself. The only two things you need to focus on are whether you were safe and if you had fun. If both of them were positive, there is no reason for you to feel bad about it. If it is what you needed to do at that moment and you did it, dust yourself off and continue with your life.

Select your outfit wisely

The outfit you wear depends on the club or bar you are going to. Remember that you are going out with the intention of attracting, so looking good should be a priority. You will thank yourself the next day for carrying an extra pair of flat shoes. In addition, you want to wear a seductive dress that will pull people, but remember that it might get cold at night. You want to have a fun night and resume your life without any complications.

Find out their name

Whether you are drunk or have a poor memory, remember to double-check that you can remember your partner’s name. A situation whereby you forget someone’s name after intercourse can make things awkward. Therefore, the first thing should be knowing your partner’s name and ensuring that it sticks in your memory, at least for the night.

Do not try into personal details

It is normal not to know so much about your date. There are so many things you can talk about on a date and avoid asking people about their personal details. You do not need to know their surname or where they work; remember that it is just a one night relationship. Additionally, do not ask them for their handles on social media with the intention of sending them friend requests. 



If you have set your mind to participate in a situation that lasts overnight, make sure you understand all the dynamics involved. Once you comprehend all the facts stated in this article, enjoy.


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