8 Christmas Decorating Ideas

8 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas means different things to different people. For some people, especially Christians, it is a time to commemorate the birth of Jesus. For others, it’s simply a time to connect with their loved ones, exchange gifts, eat and drink too much, and generally make merry. Whatever Christmas means to you, there are some common traditions that people generally observe during this season. One such tradition is decorating homes with Christmas decorations, which is generally a fun activity that helps to create long-lasting memories. Keeping this in mind, here are 8 Christmas decorating ideas from the Unreal Christmas Trees staff to get you started. 

Have a Theme Color

Although red, green, silver, and gold are among the most common Christmas colors, you should not limit yourself to these. Feel free to add a touch of your favorite color to your decoration to make Christmas more meaningful. A theme color makes decorations more colorful while unleashing special emotions during Christmas. Also, a majority of the colors used in Christmas celebrations have specific meanings. For decoration purposes, the colors you use don’t have to mean something. Provided they look good and make your house welcoming, don’t be afraid to use them. 

Use Edibles on the Christmas Tree

For a complete Christmas celebration, a Christmas tree should not miss in your house. However, you need to get a bit creative with it to make the celebrations merrier. For instance, adding edibles to the tree can be a great way to bring the family and friends to enjoy snacking together. Therefore, instead of hanging balls or artificial fruits onto the Christmas tree, consider using edibles such as gumdrops, cookies, garlands of popcorn and berries, and ribbon candy. You can them play games in which the winner takes a bite from the edibles as the rest cheer on. This is a great way to make a memorable Christmas celebration. 

Light Up the Planters

Besides elevating the ambiance of your home, planters can come in handy when decorating your home for Christmas. Choose the right plants for the planters and decorate them with flowers. Moreover, lighting them up can create a warm and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for a Christmas evening. You can add twinkly lights to the flowers and even decorate the planters using the theme colors. Take note that artificial plants can also work just fine when it comes to decorating planters for Christmas.

Hang Garlands on your Banister

As you strive to make every part of your home colorful and appealing, you should not forget your banister. This is a perfect place to display all your custom-made garlands well-decorated with Christmas cards and a message of the season. If you prefer, you can also hang some on the wall around the banister area. Some twinkly lights can also make a huge difference on your banister. Just avoid overdoing your décor and keep it simple yet elegant.

Use Fresh Greenery

While artificial decorations will last throughout the Christmas season, you don’t want to limit yourself to them. This is because fresh greenery brings out a special look and feel. For example, apart from producing a nice smell, a fresh green Christmas tree will supply clean air in your living space. You can also stick fresh leaves on your wall using glue to form the shape of a Christmas tree. However, be ready to replace them after some hours if you want to keep your house decorated through to the new year.

Add Flameless Candles on the Christmas Tree

Considering the Christmas tree should be elegant as possible, adding lights to it can play the trick. Colorful balls and fruits make the Christmas tree attractive but lighting it up makes it look extraordinary. Real candles will light the Christmas tree just fine, but since you don’t want a fire incident on a Christmas evening, use flameless candles instead. You can also use different colors of light to create a more sophisticated decoration if you like. 

Draw and Decorate 

When it comes to Christmas decorations, getting creative not only enables you to come up with unique interior décor but also saves your costs. For instance, instead of purchasing a whole Christmas tree, you can create one at home using paper and other materials in case you have the necessary origami skills. Another option is to draw a Christmas tree on the wall and color it appropriately. To create a three-dimensional impression of this tree, you can then stick balls, fruits, ribbons, garlands, and other décor accessories on it. 

Wrap Garlands Around the Christmas Tree

Instead of adding candles, fruits, balls, and edibles to your Christmas tree, you can keep it simple by just wrapping garlands around it from top to bottom. This alone should make your tree look pleasant for the occasion. The trick here lies in the choice of garland. Therefore, take your time to choose a classy and attractive garland that will make your Christmas tree colorful. Even with the right garlands, some twinkly lights on your Christmas tree will take your décor a notch higher.


Use these decoration ideas to decorate your home for Christmas. Take note that the type of decoration you create can either make or break your Christmas celebrations.


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