Easy Ways to Live a Cleaner Lifestyle

Live a Cleaner Lifestyle

Living clean is more than just an Instagram trend. While the internet is going crazy for eco-friendly fads, embracing a cleaner lifestyle means detoxifying your physical environment as well as your mental headspace. You gain greater clarity about your goals and values, live with greater intention and have a more positive impact on the world around you. Let’s see the easy ways to live a cleaner lifestyle.

By living more aligned with the Earth and respecting nature, you also create positive karma that can come back to you in unexpected ways. We shape our realities with our actions, and each one has consequences we may not be aware of at the time. If you are looking to improve your quality of life, you don’t have to go full-on minimal. Instead, consider some of these easy eco-lifestyle swaps for lighter living.

Start Using Jars Instead of Tupperware

Eliminate bulky plastic containers from your kitchen and use glass mason jars instead. There are so many healthy mason jar meal recipes for you to try, so they’re even a great catalyst to start cooking more. You can easily meal prep at the start of the week and set some jars in the fridge for easy grab-and-go breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Tupperware tends to become discolored, retain smells and ultimately do nothing but waste away in a landfill. You’ll likely still need some larger containers for leftovers, though, just make sure you opt for glass over plastic.

Buy a Vaporizer

If you vape, ditch the smoke with a portable or desktop vaporizer. Anyone who enjoys smoking herbs recreationally or for medicinal purposes can refine their experience with less smoke and stress with a high-quality vaporizer. You can browse a collection online and choose a cleaner, more eco-friendly alternative to your vape pen or bong. When burning any type of herb, smudge stick or incense, make sure that you are doing so in a way that minimizes environmental harm. Just because certain devices are accessible doesn’t mean that they are eco-friendly.

Let Your Clothes Air Dry

You can use less energy by hanging your clothes up to dry outside or indoors in a pop-up clothing rack. This is also a great cleaning hack to consider when time is on your side and you do not have to rush and use the dryer. During the winter when the air is dry, this can naturally provide more moisture into the home, which improves your humidity levels. Make sure that you keep garments separated for maximum circulation. You should also invest in a flat drying rack for bulkier winter items like your favorite knit sweater or coat as air drying these from a hanging position can lead to misshapen shoulders and stretched fabric.

Plant an Herb Garden

Instead of buying packaged herbs at the supermarket, grow your own. You’ll save money and cut back on plastic and paper waste. Even if you have limited outdoor space, you can start an herb garden in your backyard or right in your kitchen. Decorate the pots or mount them on the wall to save space. It’s easy to start your garden, and you can naturally cultivate your favorite flavors. Herb gardens are also a great way to make home-made gifts for friends and family. Who wouldn’t be flattered to receive a few jars of your own home-grown seasonings?


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