What makes Rolex so unique


Rolex is, without doubt, the best of the watch brands so far and incomparable with any other. This independently Run Company isn’t like any other entity; it’s a universe of its own, exhibiting value, admired, and respected across the globe. 

Above everything else, Rolex is what it is because it’s not just a watchmaker, but they are specialists in making great watches, and their timepieces have taken the market by storm for generations. 

This article presents a detailed analysis of the Rolex watch and the value you get investing in it. 

It’s made of Steel- an expensive and good-looking metal.

Stainless Steel is not a metal type for everyone; not many watchmakers are ready to risk investing such an expensive metal in watches. Unlike others, Steel comes in various grades and styles, and Rolex watches are made from a unique kind of Steel -904L that no one else does engage in. Their first 904L steel watch was released in 1988, and this type is rust and corrosion-resistant. Why don’t use the 904L type of Steel because it’s expensive and complicated to machine. 

Rolex has its lab

Rolex’s milestones shouldn’t be a surprise; the company doesn’t just have an internal research department like any other manufacturer. It goes beyond that; Rolex has several and exceptionally equipped professional science labs at their many facilities. The purpose of their labs is not just to research new watches but to go in-depth into effective and efficient manufacturing techniques. It’s a company that exudes class and a high level of competence. 

Their watches are all hand-assembled

People who have some information about Rolex will tell you their watches are machine built, but that’s not true. The reason for the misconception is that Rolex didn’t come out loudly on the topic until recently. The truth is that Rolex watches are hand-made with hands-on human attention to detail. 

Machines are for sure used in the process, and the company has some of the most sophisticated machines in the world.

They use robots and other automation to do things beyond human ability, like sorting, cataloging, filing, and other delicate procedures that only a machine can handle.

With Rolex, technology is their closest friend.

Rolex seems to have a pragmatic philosophy that if a human can do it better, then allow humans to do it perfectly, then give the machine a chance. Most of the companies that don’t use machines either don’t have the ability to invest in such, or they feel it’s too expensive. Rolex can equip its facilities with the best robotics where needed, which makes it stand out among its competitors. 

The master supply room is Rolex’s epicenter of automation prowess, with massive columns attended to by robotic servants and thus delivering fine work.

When choosing a watch to buy, you can’t just go for any watch but the best type. Rolex will give you a taste of everything, including class, presentation, and a generally precious outlook. The watch is worth your investment. 



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