How to Help Victims Who Were Just Involved in a Car Accident


Car accidents account for the majority of deaths that are unnatural worldwide. Each year, people die due to poor driving conditions, irresponsible driving and pedestrians who are not paying attention. Immediate first aid may save many lives. In fact, the majority of fatalities occur as a result of inadequate medical attention during the first hour. Knowing first aid basics can help save lives.

Before getting ahead of ourselves, we compiled some of the things one should do to help any victims as the result of a car accident.

Make Sure You Are Okay First

When a person is involved in a car accident, the first thing they should do is determine whether or not they have been injured. Immediately after an accident, you should evaluate yourself by checking your ability to move your limbs, as well as all other motor functions. If you appear to be okay, you may have not suffered injury. According to law sb personal injury attorney nyc, you should always seek medical attention just to be safe.

Check Other Drivers and Passengers

Once you’ve determined that you’re not hurt and not in danger, it’s time to look for injuries among others. First, see if you can determine the degree of the injuries sustained by the other victims. Are they bleeding from areas like the head or neck? Injuries to these areas can be serious and may need immediate medical attention. An individual who is not making noise may be the most severely injured and should be attended to first. People who are loud still have their senses functioning, so check them second.

Make Sure Victims Can Breathe

If you observe a victim struggling to breathe, check for blockages inside their mouth or nose. If you can, clear the victim’s airways with your index finger. If they still cannot breathe, immediately administer CPR and external air resuscitation (EAR). Then, check to see if you feel a pulse.

Check For Open Wounds

Accidents may sometimes result in severe injuries to everyone involved. Apply pressure on any open wound with a piece of cloth to try to stop the bleeding. To apply additional pressure, press the area with your hand; this encourages the blood to clot and stop bleeding.

Careful How You Move an Injured Victim

If someone is unconscious and there is no other way to check if they are breathing, be careful how and when you move them. They should be gently moved into the recovery position to maintain their spine in alignment. To prevent twisting the spine, this should preferably involve the assistance of others.

If a person has been struck by a car or has been ejected from one and is aware of the road, they should attempt to remain as motionless as possible. Also, make sure someone is helping direct traffic away from the injured. Support their head and neck, keep them warm and dry while they wait for help.

These were some essential first aid recommendations when you and others are involved in a serious car accident that results in injury. The next step would be to transport the critically wounded individuals to the hospital for additional treatment.

Once you’ve determined the safety of others, document everything, file a police report and call a car accident lawyer. You want the best possible advice available, so that you are taken care of and covered by the insurance company of the one responsible.


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