Save Money and Protect Your Attic with a Solar Fan

Attic with Solar Fan

The biggest part of many American’s utility bills is spent on air conditioning. This is especially true for anyone living in the hotter parts of the country such as Las Vegas, Miami, and Phoenix. Let’s see about save money and protect your Attic with a solar fan.

You can help to take the strain off your HVAC system by ventilating your attic. This is a simple trick that can not only lower your electricity bills but also extend the life of your roof in some cases.

When it comes to choosing the right time to fix your attic ventilation, the summer is definitely a good idea. However, proper ventilation in the attic can help with many problems associated with the winter too, such as moisture which can cause mold and mildew.

The problem is, you don’t want to save money on less cooling if you are then just going to spend it on powering a fan constantly. This is where sustainable power comes in. 

Moving from electricity to solar power

Moving from electricity to a more sustainable power, namely solar, means that households can save money. Of course, any new installation will need some investment, but over a period of time, a solar-powered device will pay for itself.

The use of solar attic fans can mean big savings on electricity bills regarding cooling and heating, and it could help to avoid damage and decay in your roof too.

Some people still have some concerns over solar power, and it is due to some misleading information. 

Is solar power really sustainable?

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about different forms of renewable energy and sustainability. Most people can now concede that fossil fuels are harmful to the environment. Whenever electricity is generated, fossil fuels have to be burnt. This causes emissions that can result in acid rain and more harm to the environment.

Solar power, however, comes from the sun and is truly renewable. Despite some talk about the finite amount of minerals needed to create solar panels, there is no chance of them running out anytime soon. Also, during their lifetime, a solar panel will generate around thirty times the power that was used to manufacture it.

This means that you can use solar power knowing that you have chosen a better option than electricity. 

What are the features of solar attic fans?

Depending on what model you install, you may have some useful attributes attached to your solar attic fan.

They will often come with adjustable thermostats, completely weatherproofed systems, and they can choose the best power source. Some models will switch to the AC source when sunlight is lost, and then switch back to solar when it returns.

Many models are also designed to run silently, so there is no chance of having your sleep disturbed. 

What benefits can you expect from a solar attic fan?

While you may know all about heating and cooling systems, you may not be aware of the importance of ventilating your attic.

In the summer months, heat can build up in a poorly ventilated attic and this will then raise the temperature in other areas of the house.

Of course, this then leads to the air conditioning being set to a cooler temperature, and more energy being used. A solar attic fan helps reduce the need for heavy air-con use.

Solar attic fans are also maintenance-free, so once they are installed, there is nothing else to be concerned about. 

What happens if you have poor ventilation in the attic?

Perhaps instead of considering the benefits of a solar attic fan, it might be wise to consider what happens if you ignore your attic.

If the attic gets too hot, delamination of the roof’s plywood can happen, the insulation can be damaged by humidity and moisture, and fungi such as mold and mildew can set in and cause decay.

This is just as valid in the winter as it is during the hotter times of the year. Good ventilation from a solar fan can help reduce moisture in the colder months which also helps to avoid fungal problems. 

Are there any negatives to solar attic fans?

The only problem with anything that is solar-powered, is that they need a steady supply of direct sunlight. This could be an issue in some areas of the country and during wintertime too.

They can initially be costly. A solar attic fan will cost more at the beginning than a traditional fan would. However, the long-term benefits should be considered as solar-powered devices usually pay for themselves after a certain amount of time. 


Solar attic fans have three distinct benefits. They can help to lower the temperature of your attic, and therefore your home. They will take away the strain on your air conditioners, so you will then save money on utility bills. And lastly, they can help to protect and extend the life of your roof.

All of this, and they don’t need any harmful fossil fuels to run, just as long as the sun is shining.


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