Engagement Ring Customization: How Long Does it Take to Customize an Engagement Ring?

Engagement Ring Customization

There are different kinds of engagement rings that you could buy for your significant other, you could choose standard, ready-made engagement rings, or you could get your own customized engagement ring. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration here, like, how long does it take to set a diamond ring? You could purchase your own beautiful custom engagement ring at Shira Diamonds. Let’s see more on engagement ring customization.

How fast can an engagement ring be made?

This all depends on how far you have thought this through. It would be a little bit faster when you already have a style, and the type of diamond or gemstone in mind but a little bit longer when you don’t because you may have to make a few more appointments to refine and perfect the design.

But once you have everything settled, you already found the perfect centerpiece for your ring, and chose the design, it is now time for your ring to be made. Generally, jewelers would give you 4-5 weeks to complete and finalize your design, with several elements involved like the manufacturing of the ring, to maybe the setting of the diamond or diamonds and all of the finishing touches to your beautiful customized engagement ring. 

How long does it take to redesign a ring?

If you already have a ring and you want to redesign it, the cost and the time it takes depends on what kind of ring you want to be remade. The materials that are being used for the ring would also be a big factor that could affect the cost of it. 

Remaking badly damaged engagement rings:

If you want to remake an engagement ring that is incredibly damaged, you could ask the jewelers to reuse your existing gemstones. One thing you could also look out for is the existing precious metal. Let them assess the ring and they could tell you what they can and cannot reuse.

Remaking an engagement ring with missing diamonds:

If your engagement ring has a missing diamond, then you could go to your closest jewelry store to match and replace the diamond that you have lost. This could also apply when the diamond that you have perched up on your ring is broken. The price of the remake would depend on what kind of diamond you chose and how many carats they are. This would make your ring look brand new, having new color and clarity.

Re-using old Gold or Platinum to make a new one

There are some jewelry shops that you could go to that could use 100 percent of your existing precious metal for the new designs because a lot of the jewelry and engagement rings use gold and platinum anyways. This could be added to your ring, or melted down to be created into a new one.

How much should I pay for an engagement ring?

There are 3 existing rules that jewelers could advise  and theories that you could use:

1. 2 Months Salary

The general rule that jewelers advise those people who are planning on buying an engagement ring is that you should spend at least 2 months of your salary on the ring. If you are making $60,000 a year, then you could consider putting your budget as $10,000 on the engagement ring. This is an old theory that not a lot of people use.

2. Average Cost

On average, people spent about $5,800 on engagement rings last 2015 but the prices have gone up as years go by. Your finances should determine the budget you set for yourself, and you should not use a worldwide average number when setting it because no one should go into debt just for an engagement ring.

3. Average Diamond Size

There are people who center their budget around the size of the diamond they want on the ring. The average diamond size in the United States of America is about 1.10 carats. When you choose this method, it is much easier to control the budget but leaves a lot of people dissatisfied with their diamonds.

How much does it cost to meltdown a ring and make a new one?

Melting down a ring in order to make a new one is surprisingly more expensive compared to when they create a new engagement ring from new Gold or Platinum. This is because the item is going to be isolated to make sure that the original metal that you have given is kept separate from their other work and additional work is put in to possess and craft the original metal to make sure that the metal you gave them is much more involved than any possible add-ons.


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