Must-See Places on Your Road Trip to Italy


Italy is the home of history, culture, and arts that dates back to the ancient world. But it is just a parcel of the country that makes it a prime tourist destination in the world. Visitors in South-Central Europe who want to experience a natural masterpiece need to see the beauty of Italy. The country is also full of scenic landscapes with its rugged mountains, lakes, and dreamy coastlines.

Home of the developing architecture over the century, Italy is a country teeming with a rich culture founded in arts. It houses edifices that contain most of the world’s oldest scripts and a basilica that centers the world’s religion. Italy is also home to famous artists like Michelangelo, Raphael, and Da Vinci, among others. When it comes to gastronomy, the country also holds a place with its elaborate dishes, traditional delicacies, and top-notch chefs. All these intertwine to make up the rich and diverse cultural anchor of the country.

Popular Places to Visit in Italy

Rome is the capital city of Italy with a history that dates back many centuries. It is the center of religion and home of historic buildings. Milan, the largest city in northern Europe, also holds cultural importance contained in their museums and art galleries. It is like a Glasgow vs Edinburgh experience to boot.

If you are in Europe contemplating a rich travel experience, here are the various cities and landmarks you should not miss as you drive along Italy’s beautiful country. 


Venice is one of the iconic cities that Italy boasts to its visitors. It is a group of islands separated by canals and linked by bridge ways. Ditch your car for awhile. This floating city offers so much immersive experience and adventure whether you explore the place on foot or via its waterways. It is also one of the best places in Italy to lay down the sleeping bag with its beautiful camping sites.

One of the matchless experiences that it offers is the famous Gondola ride. A gondola is a traditional rowing boat that is an icon of Venice. A 30-minute ride will take you on a guided tour down the Grand Canal to marvel at the Venetian sceneries. Some boarding points will cruise by famous landmarks like the Bridge of Sighs and St. Mark’s Basilica.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

More than the optical illusions visitors like to take of it, the Leaning Tower is also a haven of history. It was not the unintentional hitch in construction that started in 1174 where it got its name. This tower is also where Galileo Galilei conducted his experiments on velocity.

Today the Leaning Tower allows up to 10 visitors to climb the spiral staircase of this freestanding bell tower. From there, you can see the spanning and stunning view of the Tuscany region. Next to the bell tower is the marble cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, and together they form the monumental complex of Pisa.

Vatican City

The Vatican may be the smallest city in the world, but it holds so much to see with its rich religious history. It also houses some of the priceless art collections and frescoes of world-renowned artists. From St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Vatican Garden and museums, the Vatican is full of stories and attractions.

The Vatican is an independent city that is not anymore a part of Italy. But tourists in Italy would not want to miss the events at St. Peter’s Square when the pope delivers his blessings. If you are driving, parking around the city can be troublesome. So, you might want to make advance parking bookings to make the most out of your road trip to Italy.


When visiting Italy, don’t miss a trip to the Pantheon in Rome to see the remnant of the Roman temple. It is one of the oldest monuments that date back to 126 A.D. and well-preserved up to today. The Pantheon also has its share of rich influence and story of falling and survival.

One of the highlights of visiting Pantheon is to tour the ancient interior and marvel at its magnificent architecture. The dome is also one of its iconic architectural ensembles. Going early in the morning will give tourists a better chance of viewing this iconic landmark without a large crowd gathering.

Trevi Fountain

If you want to bask in the hopeful spirit of the Eternal City, then cast some coins in the Trevi Fountain. Located in the heart of Rome, the Trevi Fountain astonishingly stands in its magnanimous beauty. A line of statues dominates the fountain in splendid stone works of Baroque art.

Throwing a coin at the fountain became customary to visitors wishing for love, good fortune, and a fast return to the city. For it to work well, one must follow a coin-tossing etiquette. Wishers should turn away from the fountain and toss three coins from the right hand over the left shoulder. Even if the legend is true or not, the coins that the fountain garners from the wishes benefit a non-profit charity.

Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is one of the famous wonders of the world that heralds the greatness of the Romans. This largest amphitheater in the world used to be the venue of gladiator battles. But even without gladiator fights, it still racks up a crowd of spectators.

Guided tours can take visitors to the higher levels of the colosseum or the underground tunnels other than the arena. But if you are not keen on group tours, you may take an audio tour, or just explore the place on your own.

Final Thoughts

Italy is home to a rich and diverse culture that still stands even through its modernization. The preservation of its arts and structures is its contribution to the world that will never outdate itself. That’s why it still gains an influx of tourists who want to explore the city to witness the remnants of the bygones.

If you want a travel experience that is full of knowledge and adventure, book a flight to Italy. Near these tourist destinations lie cafes and restaurants that will complete your amazing experience of the Italian culture. So grab some pizza, pasta, and ice cream while stepping back to the era that built the country its core of history.


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