What Are Popular NBA Betting Systems?


There are several NBA betting systems. From the high total system to the bounce back system, NBA betting offers you different systems. It’s important to understand these systems before placing your bets. Besides employing the right strategies, understanding these systems will help you master the art of NBA betting and make money. Here are proven systems for NBA betting you should know today.

High Totals System

The high totals system is based on underestimated game totals, especially those involving NBA non-conference games. Here, games with an over/under of around 220 points are considered.

The Blowout System

Of course, an NBA team can win by more than 15. Here, fans tend to think that such teams possess the momentum required to win the subsequent games by double digits. But the truth of the matter is that things don’t work this way. According to Sports Insight gurus, a home favorite team with 10+ points, tends to spread by 42.5 percent at one time. This means that if a team has hammered its opponent today, the chances of repeating the same in the following day are very slim. Things like player fatigue, overconfidence, or underestimating the opponent are responsible for this statistical dip. Still more, odd makers tend to overreact to the previous results, which means that the odds for that team are usually overhyped. Here is your chance to make good money. Place your bet on a team that was beaten previously. Things may work for you. However, make sure to follow a service like Doc’s Sports to make sure you’re well informed.

Bounce Back System

There is something called bounce back in the NBA. For instance, a team that has registered poor results in the previous few games can bounce back and register impressive results. This is especially true when it comes to the home team. According to the stats, the power of homecoming can rejuvenate these teams to registering good results. Thus, when doing research, consider looking for teams with a previous shot of 40 percent and below (i.e. in their past few outings). These teams are likely to bounce back and give you better pay.

Back-to-Back System

Of course, NBA teams will struggle to register good results in back-to-back games. However, this doesn’t mean that the feeling is the same across all teams. All teams won’t struggle to win back-to-back games at the same time. The rate cannot be the same. If a team is playing a back-to-back game on the road, the chances of losing are 18 percent. Use these insights to place your next bet. Also, consider the average age of the team. Also, things like the pace of play can make a team dip its form in the next few games.

Additional Systems

Here are additional systems you should consider when doing your NBA betting:

  • The tunnel system
  • The martingale system

Pro Tip: Besides these systems, it’s important to understand key strategies. For instance, what is a parlay bet? Having more knowledge of the NBA will make you a better sports bettor. 

The Bottom-Line

If you want to make real money from NBA betting, have the right strategy. Employ the right tips. Embrace discipline and patience. Above all, understand different betting systems for NBA betting. The above are common systems you should know today!



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