Top 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself to Discover

Top 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself to Discover

Whether you’re at a social gathering with friends or family, you run out of what to talk about at times. One thing that can engage everyone is fun and interesting facts about yourself and others. So, if you think about what they can be, start reading ahead! Here is a list of ”tell me 30 interesting facts about yourself” and much more that can keep any conversation happening and engrossing.

If you are looking for some exciting ideas about starting a conversation with strangers, don’t worry. We are here to get you through with 30 interesting facts about yourself and much more in this article!

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Tell me 30 interesting facts about yourself?

Here is a list of questions that will help you know and keep the conversation between you and the opposite person interesting! Let us now check what the 30 interesting facts about yourself that you can talk about are:

1. What type of music do you like?

One thing you ask the person you’re conversing with is to reveal their taste in music! Your choice of music can be tedious, fascinating, or weird. So, express your taste and know what the other person likes.

We are sure you will come up with some interesting facts that will light up the whole room!

2. Who’s the person who inspires you the most?

Another choice of question that has made it to our list is this one. You require inspiration for everything in your life. So, knowing about someone’s inspiration can be enjoyable!

3. What is the most critical advice you’ve ever received?

Another question that can fetch you interesting answers is this one. Here you will know how one’s advice can change a person’s life and much more!

4. What is the scariest moment of your life?

Among the weird answers that you can get, this question is also relevant. You will know how some weird things can scare people.

5. Name the most precious possession of your life.

One more question that has made it to our list is the precious possession one has. By asking this question, you will know how wonderfully a tiny thing can also turn out to be precious.

6. What’s your dream holiday destination?

The dream holiday destination is something that people always have on their wish-to-do list. Their dream to visit a place is always special, and people wait to achieve it. So, this is another question that can fetch you great answers.

30 interesting facts about yourself

7. Which adventure sport you’d like to try?

Ask your friends about their favorite adventure sports and see what their reaction is. And to make it even more thrilling, try out sports with your friends.

8. The thing you’re most scared of.

This can be a great question that can fetch you interesting answers.

9. To which movie can you relate the most?

Ask your friends which film they relate to the most and see what answers you get.

10. The thing that annoys the hell out of you.

See what your friends have to say and react accordingly. Some interesting things come up when you are discussing such things.

11. Any skills that you want to learn in the future?

Ask your friends about their skill interests and see weird replies that come from them! It will be interesting for them to say and for you to hear!

12. What’s the weirdest smell that you like?

Wow! Isn’t that an interesting thing to ask? Well, if it is! Then go ahead and be ready to hear weird and exciting answers!

13. How much did your wedding dress cost?

Well, this is an interesting question to ask. Many people will come up with strange answers, and you’re sure to love the conversation.

14. The most daring act you’ve ever performed.

People can end up doing the strangest things at times. So, if you want to know what is the most daring act you’ve ever done, go ahead and ask this question.

15. If you get to relive a moment of your life, what’d that be?

We always wish to live the best part of our lives again and again. And it is always best to relive a moment that is special to you. So, ask your friends this question and see what they have to say!

16. What’s the thing you regret the most?

Friends might not be comfortable disclosing this to you. But you can always ease it out by saying simple and easy things. Also, keep in mind that it must not embarrass you or others.

17. What’s another life that you want to choose?

Knowing what you want to take birth as again is very different. So, go ahead and ask your friends what they wish to be in their other life. And it will be exciting to hear strange answers.

18. Who’s the person you want to get back from the dead?

Death is a thing that leaves a profound impact on people. So, this question will fetch you weird answers!

19. What’s the most horrifying day in your life?

It is an interesting question that can get you some satisfying answers. Of course, it is a great way to know your friend’s horrifying stories, and don’t miss out on sharing yours as well.

20. The moment that was the most satisfying for you

When you run out of topics, this is one question that keeps the conversation going for hours. In this way, you will be able to discuss and know what your partner, family members, or friends’ likes and dislikes are!

21. What scares you the most?

The scariest thing can be interesting for one person to know. So, don’t forget to add this to your list when you’re asking strange things to your friends.

22. If someone makes a biopic of you, who would play your role?

Wow! Don’t you find this funny? Bring up this topic and get exciting answers and hear some interesting stuff.

23. What kind of person do you want to become?

Well, you are already a person who has a profound personality. However, everyone admires to be someone different. So, be ready to hear strange answers here.

24. What’s the meaning of your name?

Some people are shy to disclose the meaning of their name. At times it is because it is strange or something significant. So, if you have people around you with short forms, ask this question and see what they have to say.

25. The movie you’ve watched a hundred times

People get obsessed with some movies. So, why not bring out this conversation and see what your friends have to say about this.

26. Which character did you play in your college function?

Isn’t this something we all are shy of disclosing? And through this, you will know how your friends have played characters, and you are sure to have a good laugh over this.

27. The dirtiest prank you’ve ever played on someone.

Well, a prank is funny and can really be embarrassing at times. So, ask your friends this and see what they have to say.

28. What’s your most embarrassing nickname?

Elders at times come up with weird names that kids are shy of disclosing in front of friends. So, bring up this topic, and you are sure to hear some funny and interesting stories.

29. What did you want to become when you were a kid?

Being an adult is always challenging. We wish a lot while we were young, but we tend to forget our dreams and become something entirely different when we grow up. So, if you wish to know what dreams your friends had while they were young, go ahead and ask this question.

Top 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself to Discover

30. What’s that childhood memory that you still cherish?

Childhood can be good or bad. And that can come with different scary, exciting and funny stories too. So, ask your friends and yourself this question, and you will hear lovely stories.

Interesting about me examples

Let’s talk about the scenario where you already finished up saying everything possible to think about, and still, it is not enough. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that awkward silence is a bummer if you are dating someone or especially if it is your first date. Then you need to think about something interesting that will help continue the conversation.

So, once you finish with all the 30 interesting facts about yourself, you can begin with this one! Here are interesting about me examples that you speak about with your friends or partner. Check out the following:

Childhood stories

There must be different and exciting stories when you were a child. Your very first memory as a child could be an exciting topic. The embarrassing stories you’ve heard from your parents or the strange things that happened to you as a child complete the list.


We all have families, and their stories don’t end. Tell unique stories about your parents, siblings, and other family members. For example, you can talk about the time when your brother or sister tried a prank on you or the time when you went on a trip with your cousins.


Your job experiences are a significant and essential part of your life. So, talk about what kind of jobs you had and the most exciting job.


What separates you from the others? What talent do you have that others don’t? So, describe your skills and the things you are so good at.


What inspires you in life can be a good thing to talk about. Consider the movies, songs, books which have a significant influence on you, and you’ve learned vast lessons from them. Moreover, you can also name a person whom you look up to the most.

Interesting fact about yourself interview examples

In a job interview, the employer may ask you something interesting about yourself. This is quite an important part of an interview where the employer and the employee interact comfortably.

After we finish with the 30 interesting facts about yourself and some examples where you can speak about yourself, let us check out this section. Here we will highlight some interesting facts about yourself interview examples. Here are the following:

Describe your life story

Talk about what exciting things you’ve done with your life. You may have gone on a tour that changed your perception of life, or you’ve learned your lesson while you were sick. And this will include if you have some different kinds of skills.

Don’t go off the topic

Talk about the things which interest you the most and are related to the job you’re applying for. Choose an experience that will reflect on your urge to learn new things. In this way, you can open up about yourself, and the employer will see how appropriate you are for this job.

Mix humor with professionalism

The interviewer wants to know what kind of person you are when they ask about interesting facts about you. The most important thing to remember is playing it safe with a bit of humor and sincerity. So, be sure this will show the employer your ability to handle a situation.

Deep facts about yourself

Every human being is unique and sees the world differently. None can lead life the way you have. You’re different from the person next to you. So, now that you know the 30 interesting facts about yourself, here we include some topics on deep facts about yourself which shape your life. Check out the following:


You’ve experienced so much since the day you came to earth, and also, you continue to gain experience till the day you die. These experiences are your own. And this makes you who you are. So, the experience can be a profound fact that highlights the central portion of your life.


Your goal determines how you lead your life. Whenever we seem lost in our lives, we’re reminded of our ultimate aims, which help us hang in there. Our individual choices shape our destiny and help us to be better people.


Good habits and bad habits have a vast impact on a person’s life. Sometimes it’s a good thing, and sometimes it’s not. Good habits lead a person into a more fulfilling life.


A person can be passionate about many things such as reading, painting, writing, etc. Talk about the things which attract you the most. Things that matter to you, and you are ready to do anything about them.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve got the 30 interesting facts about yourself and much more in this article. Now you’re ready for an interview or meeting a new friend. There will be no more awkward silences from here on. You have to open up about yourself and try to have some fun. And do let us know if you have some interesting conversations with the topics we have mentioned above!


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