5 Reasons to Use Custom Printed Flags for Marketing of Small Business

Use Custom Printed Flags

The use of promotional flags for your small business is beneficial, especially when printed flags garner passive attention. You did not expect the attention but your business is getting the same anyway, which is good for your branding.                                                                                                                                                                                        According to an article published in Huffington Post, there are many marketing benefits when you own a small business. As a startup, you are closer to your targeted customers. You can design your marketing tactics depending on location as well as other demographics like age, gender, likes, and preferences.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Here are five reasons why use of custom printed flags are best for promoting your small business: 

  1. Easy to set up and assemble 

Promotional flags are easy to install as well as assemble. All you need to do is fasten the poles together, glide the print down over the pole, and attach the promo flag to the base. This is extremely beneficial because you can install your custom printed flag, take it down, and remove the same with ease without any fuss. You can use this time to focus on your advertising strategies and client interaction. 

  1. Easy on your budget

Compared to other kinds of outdoor advertising tools such as tents or pop-up banners, printed flags are easy on your wallet. In this age of digital marketing when businesses are spending thousands of marketing dollars on paid campaigns, the cost of promo flag printing is negligible for your small business or startup. Customized printed flags are affordable compared to expensive TV ads, digital campaigns, and newspaper advertising. 

  1. Weather-resistant and durable 

Most of these promotional flags are weather-resistant and made of the first-rate polyester. The material can endure rain, shine, and cold and suitable for use throughout the year. Did you know one of the other names for these flags is sail flags, which means they can endure different climatic conditions like wind, rain, or snow? 

These flags are made of sturdy materials, mainly Polyflag Standard FR, which is a polyester material that lasts for years and even resistant to flames. 

  1. Small flags but stand tall 

Printed feather flags take very little space. Did you know that a small model measures just 1.3 ft, while bigger flags are 4.9 in width? Then, printed promo flags deliver an unparalleled height of 14.9 ft of vertical ad space. It is the greatest benefit of using these promo flags in big cities like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, or any other cities in the US. 

  1. Versatile 

Unlike standard marketing tools, you can use your custom printed flag depending on your budget, each flag promoting a unique feature, event, product, and sale. You can use each flag’s hardware for many years. All that is required of you is to swap the prints. It proves that printed flags are so versatile and the print is the key factor that takes the flag’s shape. Therefore, if you are looking for a different shape for your promo flag, you need to choose a different print. 

Final thoughts

Though this is not a comprehensive list, we have included the most essential benefits of using printed flags to promote your small business. It will help you to choose your promotional flag wisely. 


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