The Craze of Big Hats & the Big Hat Days


The days of judging an individual’s style and personality from his or her shoes have gone. Today, people judge everything quite minutely, especially in the world of fashion and glamour. This is when the role of accessories and dressing comes into the picture, and according to the season and occasion, you can see people donning different fashion accessories. Thus, big hats have great relevance on a beach party or any other summer outing. It has been in trend for a very long time, and people still prefer to have them in their wardrobe. Let’s discuss the craze of big hats and a fascinating tradition related to them in detail. 

Bigger is better when it comes to hats

The trend of big and oversized hats is all over the place, and its credit goes to the summer fashion shows that have been organized in the past couple of years. Young and attractive male and female models were visible, donning an oversized hat and completing relaxed summer attire. For people out of the fashion world, these hats are great for styling and safe from the harsh and harmful rays of the sun. The broad and wide brim present in these big hats appears to be of great help in blocking the dirt from hitting your face. Thus, wearing them on a beach is helpful, fashionable, and convenient altogether.  

The 80-year-old tradition was back into the game

It was back in 1938 when people celebrated the “big hat day” for the first time in the central valley. The objective of celebrating this day was to recognize and appreciate the hard work of Clovis farmers and cowboys. Since then, it has been more than 80 years, and people still celebrate this day with utter dedication and enthusiasm. These big hats block the direct sun and dirt from the faces of farmers and cowboys. Thus, the people of the town wore a big hat to pay tribute to them and their hard work. The Clovis Chamber organizes this event, and it usually covers about fifteen blocks occupied with entertainment, food, and shopping. 

When can you enjoy the event?

The Old town Clovis hosts the big hat days in the weekend of April. It involves many fun activities, and if you love to shop, several local sellers offer some unique crafts. It will be easy to find home utensils, photographs, and paintings, as well as cool clothing stuff. Another amazing thing about this event is the food, from kettle corns to shaved ice, you will get many interesting snacks to deal with the event munchies. Along with that, there is a proper food court, barbecue, corn dogs, and Mexican food to have a proper meal. From live music to interesting games and fun rides, it is great to see adults and kids having a good and healthy time together. It will not be wrong to say that this festival has something special for everyone. 

Post pandemic scenario of the event

After not hosting the event last year due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the Clovis chamber of commerce hosted the 83rd Big hat days event. Unlike every year, this year, the event was hosted a bit late, i.e., on 12 and 13th of June. The event happened in a sporty, safe, and fun way. Being one of the largest events in the central valley, more than 100,000 visitors took part in the event and enjoyed numerous craft and food booths. The weather was not very hot, and people were visible wearing big hats to salute the old western culture and traditions. The authorities made it very clear that they will keep this tradition alive for the years to come. 

More about the big hat days

This year there were about three hundred vendors of food, craft, art and other stuff which was quite less as when compared to the past years. The pandemic situation affected the world in an extremely adverse way, and the people of the old town were no exception to that. Many vendors might not have made it to the festival due to financial restrictions, while others might have avoided it due to health issues. 

An unnecessary gathering amidst COVID?

The most relieving thing about this year’s gathering was the strict rules concerning COVID-19 even after being free from the restrictions. People who were not wearing masks were not allowed to enter the event, and the authorities also advised social distancing. People were happy to finally have a good time to spend with their family, friends, and beloved. This event was a must, especially after the corona crisis. 

That was all about the trend and tradition of big hats. If you are eager to find one for yourself, you can simply look for it online.






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