What Compels an Organization to Carry Out a Police Check?


Landing a job in a reputable organization isn’t possible for an aspirant if he or she has committed a disclosable offense. Nowadays, almost every employer opts to carry out a police check to identify those job-seeking candidates who are guilty of a wrongful act or crime. So, know that your prospective recruiter will conduct a rigorous police check on you after you are done applying for a particular job role.

It is essential for a potential candidate to stay calm and composed while undergoing a National Police Check . Despite having talent, one might not land their coveted job if they panic or are found suspicious while police personnel conduct a check. Undergoing such a stringent check could be a bit intimidating for you if you have no experience of completing one before.

This article may come to your help if you are not well aware of a police check and the reasons that compel a company to perform it on prospective employees.

What’s National Police Check ?

A particular official document, which indicates the criminal history of a person in Australia, is a national-based police check. Irrespective of the state or region from which a job applicant belongs, the police check will show every single offense disclosable, which they have done within the Australian territory.

National Police Check  results are entirely based on records of criminal activities committed by an individual in the past. Australian police organizations have and keep these records secure. It is of utmost importance to order a police check that’s legitimate in the specific territory or state of Australia where an applicant resides.

However, it’s equally crucial to know that police can conduct these checks with the informed consent of the individual on whom they intend to check. The police check procedure involves:

  • Looking for a central index consisting of the names of individuals that police are interested in
  • Potential match(es) mentioned to the pertinent police services for the assessment of their records
  • Officially distribution of a national police certificate

Compelling Reasons for a Company to Perform a Police Check

These police checks immensely help safeguard a company’s employees, clients, brand image, market reputation, values, and culture, besides enhancing productivity and performance. An employer demonstrates due diligence and care by conducting a police check on its potential and existing employees. Here are some crucial reasons that impel an organization to carry out these checks.

Safeguard Organization’s Work Culture

The morale of employees of a company gets impacted adversely because of an economic crime. It is regarded as one of the most severe damages to an organization. Every business enterprise that is proud of its high-performance culture considers the staff the most precious asset.

Employees’ morale and engagement are the ultimate driving force behind a company’s success and growth. All leading organizations in Australia compel their staff to undergo a National Police Check  to maintain a healthy and positive work culture.

Preserve Valuable Assets and Data

Cybercrime has increased a lot in this digital age, and almost every company is concerned about it. Dealing effectively with one such crime requires an organization to take safety measures and tighten network security.

Your potential employer will compel you to appear for a National Police Check  to ensure that it doesn’t put the data related to business activities, staff, clients, marketing strategies, etc., at risk. It is of paramount importance for a company, regardless of the size and scale, to ensure top-notch security to its assets and data.

Drive and Retain Top Talents

A company can perform better than its competitors and accomplish short-term and long-term goals only when it boasts a team of committed and competent employees. It is paramount for an organization to attract talented and intelligent candidates and retain them to create a high-performance work culture. A thorough screening procedure clearly indicates the seriousness of a company when it comes to hiring.

Protect Brand Image and Reputation

One of the serious effects of an economic crime is damage to the reputation of an organization. Not a single business and non-profit organization would want to tarnish their brand image or reputation because of an employee who has committed an illegal act. Getting rid of the black mark can be significantly challenging for a company once it appears.

Minimize Training Expenses

National Police Check  helps a company recruit potential candidates who have no criminal record. A business enterprise can stay away from investing valuable time and effort in candidates guilty of heinous crimes by carrying out such a check.

Your prospective employer will be conducting a strict police check in pre-employment screenings to make you feel that it prioritizes the safety of employees and the workplace. Also, a company performs such checks on job applicants to ensure that it doesn’t waste money training wrong candidates.

Hopefully, now you have understood that these are the prime reasons that compel an organization to carry out a police check on every candidate who applies for a particular job role. You will complete one such test successfully if you are confident that you haven’t committed any crime ever.




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