5 Innovative and Creative Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home

creative interior design

Everyone wants to create a home space that they’re proud of. If your interior design leaves a lot to be desired,  it’s time to spruce it up. You don’t need to be an interior designer to create a home that’s beautiful and inspiring.

So how do you spruce up your home and transform your space?

Keep reading to find our creative interior design tips to beautify and modernize your home.

1. Adopt an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are in right now and they’re here to stay. Newer homes adopt an open floor plan because of the wide, bright, and airy space it creates.

Don’t fret if your home is on the older side. It’s not a lost cause. A little bit of ingenuity and some advice from home contractors will help you create the openness you’re desiring. You may need to remove walls to achieve this goal, but it’s not impossible.

The key to nailing an open floor plan is to make sure there are still thoroughfares. You don’t want to cram your space with too much furniture, defeating the purpose of an open-plan altogether. Make sure any thoroughfares are at least three feet wide to keep things airy.

2. Determine Your Style

Many different home styles are trending right now. The one you choose to adopt in your home will depend entirely on your personal preferences.

Do you love the farmhouse look? Opt for furniture pieces and decor that are warm, cozy, and inviting. Exposed wood beams or reclaimed wood boards are likely to be on your farmhouse style checklist.

Do minimalist homes tickle your fancy? If so, you’re going to want to strip each room down to the bare essentials. Clutter, whether it be in the form of furniture or wall decor, is a big no-no to minimalists.

If you’re a fan of industrial styles, you’ll want to bring the working parts of your home to the forefront. Visible beams, pipes, and ducts will help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Once you know your interior decor theme, you can start filling your space with appropriate furniture and decor.

3. Get Green

There are a lot of benefits to bringing some greenery into your home. Plants can enhance the overall feeling of your home. They can also reduce stress and boost your mood.

There are many ways to incorporate plants into your home. Keep them on floating shelves or invest in a beautiful plant stand. They can hang from the roof or even grow on your wall.

Snake plants are among the coolest looking low maintenance plants out there. They are perfect for beginners and almost impossible to kill.

Rubber trees are another great plant for newbie gardeners. They need bright light to survive and can grow to be quite large.

Don’t fret if you have a bit of a brown thumb. Modern faux plants look so much like the real thing that many people choose them over live options.

Be sure to do your research before buying plants if you have pets. Toxic plants can do serious harm to your animals and can even kill them.

You don’t need to do away with your favorite plant if you find out it’s on the poisonous plant list. You will just need to store it out of reach of your pets.

Macrame plant hangers are a blast from the past that are in style again. They perfectly complement any modern living space while keeping your plants away from your pets.

4. Know What to Splurge & Save On

One of our favorite interior design tips is learning what home items you should splurge on. Some pieces of furniture and decor are okay to buy secondhand, but others should be bought new.

Art is one item we recommend splurging on. Original artwork can transform your space so take your time finding the perfect pieces for your home. Buy from local artists to support your community and put money into the pocket of local folks.

Bedding is another item you should splurge on. We spend one-third of our lives asleep so don’t feel guilty about spending money on high-quality sheets.

Your upholstery, like sofas and chairs, should be another item you indulge in. Resist the urge to shop in stores like Wal-Mart. High-end items are not only more comfortable, but better to look at, too.

We recommend stores like Interior Deluxe to find top-notch furniture for your space.

5. Pick the Right Color Palette

Paint colors can make or break your interior design. Not only can the wrong color be off-putting, but it can affect your mood, too.

A color like yellow is bright and beautiful for your living room. In your bedroom, though, yellow works to stimulate your senses and may make unwinding at night difficult.

Shades of white are stunning for your kitchen or dining room. White works to make your space feel bright, airy, and clean. White in your bedroom might make it feel cold and sterile.

Gray is a great color for any style interior space. Different shades appear warm or cool and they tend to blend well with pastels and bright colors.

We recommend using the 60-30-10 rule when choosing the paint colors for your space. The ratio ensures balance with just the right amount of “pop!”

Aim to have 60% of your space a dominant color such as for your walls. A secondary color takes up 30% of the room in the form of your furniture. The last 10% should be an accent color used in accessories and decor.

Put Your Creative Interior Design Ideas Into Action

Creating a beautiful and creative interior design doesn’t need to be difficult. With our five tips, your space should feel beautiful, modern, and more ‘you.’

Keep reading our blogs for more tips on creating your dream home.


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