3 Reasons VoIP Makes Your Life Easier


Much has changed in the last few decades about the way people view phone service. Some people still have landlines, others only have mobile phones, and many use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) providers like Ooma internet phone services. Which is the best option? Take a look at these three trends that put a spotlight on how a VoIP service can make your life easier, then you can decide.

1. Spam Calls Are Expected to Increase

Did you ignore the last call you received from an unknown number? It was probably because you thought it was spam. One study recently revealed that the average American received 28 spam calls per month in 2020. Though that number was down slightly from the prior year, experts expect calls to increase in the future as call centers re-open. Many VoIP service providers can easily block and filter scammers and spammers to save you a headache.

2. Digital Nomad Lifestyle Gains Popularity

Home isn’t defined as four walls and a roof for many Americans. Experts estimate there are 11 million Americans who are digital nomads and many more who aim to join the lifestyle in the future. Being a digital nomad is the practice of working internet-centric jobs while traveling. Professional communication is critical for nomads, which is why people working on the go should consider using a VoIP provider that can offer service over existing cellular networks. Having solid home phone service when you don’t have a traditional internet connection can help make you stand out to employers and clients.

3. Moving Is Likely in Your Future

Even if you don’t live on the road every day, the odds are good that you will move at some point in the next few years. More than 40 million Americans change homes every year. However, one of the biggest moving-induced headaches is updating your address and phone number with all your friends, family, and services. With a VoIP service, you can take your home phone number with you anywhere. Even if you still have a landline number, you can port that number to a VoIP system and keep it for as long as you want.

Whether you want to shut down spam callers, take your work on the road, or have a big move planned for the future, there are several reasons a VoIP service can save you a few headaches. If you’re considering your phone service options, which approach would help you the most?


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