Here’s Your Ultimate Furniture Buying Guide For An Ideal Compact Living Space

Furniture Buying Guide

Buying furniture for a compact living space is easier said than done. While buying bulky furniture makes the space look congested, small furniture gives it a cold appearance and makes it less functional. Small space dwellers often face a tough time deciding what is ideal for their space and what’s not. If you are looking for furniture for your compact dwelling, let us help you with a furniture buying guide and some tips that will come in handy while buying furniture for a small space

  • Opt for compact furniture 

Compact furniture pieces suit compact spaces well. They don’t eat up a lot of space and make the room appear airier. For instance, a sofa with thin arms and upholstered back, instead of one with bulky rolled arms and thickly cushioned back, works well for small living rooms. A compact bed with a simple headboard is a better option than a bed with side platforms.

  • Choose furniture that doesn’t block your view

Select furniture pieces that don’t obstruct your view from an area to another. For instance, buy glass or acrylic tables that give you a clear view of the floor or an open bookshelf that allows you to peek behind it. This trick works well in making a compact space appear bigger even after it is filled with multiple furniture pieces. 

One added trick that works in this regard is keeping furniture a little away from the wall. It gives an illusion of more floor space, making the room look bigger. 

  • Don’t buy lots of small pieces 

A common mistake that most small home dwellers commit is buying too many small furniture pieces. They intend to create an obtrusive space that appears bigger, but on the contrary, the space appears cluttered. 

Placing small and a few large pieces strategically are the key to attaining perfect balance and creating a space that is aesthetic and functional at the same time. 

  • Look for suspended furniture pieces

A tall bookshelf will eat more space than a suspended shelf serving the same purpose without making your space look compact. Plus, wall-mounted furniture looks chic and clean. It offers you enough space to keep your books and display collectibles and artwork. 

  • Think in a versatile way

Multifunctional furniture is what every small home dweller needs. A furniture piece that serves more than one purpose spares you from investing in extra furniture pieces, saving your space and money. 

Think of a sofa that doubles up as a bed at night or a cupboard shelf that expands to serve as your work desk. 

Furniture brands like Anima Domus create versatile furniture pieces that look sleek, stylish, and offer excellent functionality. 

  • Buy furniture with storage facility

Storage is a big issue that most small homeowners deal with. Lack of space forces them to keep their belongings out in the open, making their space look cluttered and unorganized. The best way to curb this problem is by buying furniture pieces that offer secondary storage. 

Buy ottomans or poufs with hidden compartments or tables with shelves or drawers. Instead of buying a simple coffee table, get a trunk that can hold your knick-knacks and make up for an eye-catching center table. 

  • Settle for monochromatic tones 

Monochromatic and neutral color schemes work wonders for small spaces. They are easy on the eyes, open up the room, and fit into space well. Using bold colors in small spaces is a faux pas. 

Look at it this way- if you have white walls and you place white furniture against them, it will give an illusion of receding boundaries. In simple words, it will open up space. On the other hand, placing red furniture against a wall will limit the space. 

The bottom line 

When selecting furniture for a small space, you just need to make smart choices. We hope these tips will help you in buying the right furniture for your home. 


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