A Homeowners Guide to Maintenance Free Windows

maintenance free windows

Window replacement is expensive, costing from $450 to over $1,850 per window. The exact cost depends on your location and choice of material. It’s exclusive of labor costs, which can run from $100 to $300 for each window.

Because of the costs, ensure you’ll do it as rarely as possible. Choose a good material to install. It must be something you don’t have to worry about until a couple of decades after. They have the potential to cause severe structural damage to property according to a local termite treatment Brisbane company.

We’re talking about maintenance free windows, the best choice for your peace of mind. Learn more about them below.

What Are Maintenance Free Windows?

Maintenance free windows don’t rot, rust, deteriorate, warp, peel, blister, crack, pit, fade, or chip. Once installed, you can forget about them for the most part.

The glass is usually maintenance free too. Some types of glass can clean themselves by using the heat of the sun. When the rain comes, water brings dirt with it.

By relying on the outside elements, you don’t need to clean them anymore.

However, are maintenance free windows really maintenance free? Well, you still have to maintain them to some degree. Even so, it’s something you don’t need to worry about.

At best, you only have to wipe them clean with a damp cloth. No need to reseal the material, check for warping, worry about repainting, and so on.

Maintenance-Free Windows vs. Vinyl Windows

Some people think vinyl is maintenance-free, but it’s not what we’re talking about. The true maintenance-free windows are Fibrex.

Don’t get us wrong; vinyl is a low-maintenance material too. You don’t need to repaint or sand it. It’s pretty easy to clean and has good insulating properties.

However, vinyl heats up and warps under the heat of the sun. When it happens, you must replace the entire set of windows. You can’t fix it, unlike other types of windows.

When it comes to the best window material for hot climates, vinyl and metal aren’t ideal. If you want to get the most out of your investment, get a Renewal by Andersen window replacement.

Benefits of Maintenance Free Windows

Aside from low maintenance costs, Fibrex has other benefits. Check out how easy and efficient it is to choose this type of window.

Better Insulation

Maintenance-free windows have good insulation, thanks to their material. They don’t absorb heat, unlike aluminum frames. Metal is a poor insulating material because it heats up fast.

Note that windows don’t only need proper sealing and a maintained frame to be energy efficient. The glass must have good insulation too.

The heat that enters or escapes through the windows accounts for 30% of the energy usage. That means you’ll incur higher costs with poorly insulated windows since your heating/cooling system must work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

Vinyl windows are the most efficient in this aspect. Furthermore, the insulated glass lessens the exchange of heat and cold through the windows.

Good Investment

Because of the low maintenance costs and energy savings, Fibrex pays for itself over time. You get more savings without worrying about any additional costs.

Having these windows installed also increases your home’s value. It increases its selling price. Furthermore, these windows make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Good Deal

You can get savings right away since Fibrex windows are less expensive than other options, like wood and fiberglass windows. Some are even cheaper than vinyl windows, which are some of the cheapest around.

It doesn’t mean that they’re cheap constructions though. After all, they don’t rot, rust, warp, deteriorate, and so on.

However, most Fibrex windows are more expensive. These windows have better features, making them worth the price.

Aesthetic and Customizable

You don’t have to sacrifice anything when getting maintenance free windows, especially aesthetics. They look good and fit your house’s exterior and interior themes.

Whether you want a modern or traditional look, there’s a style that’s right for you. You can choose any color and customize their shapes. The process fuses the color into the material, meaning it will stay vibrant for a long time.

Want the look of wood? It’s possible with Fibrex windows. They don’t need painting and repainting to keep them looking good.

Maintenance free windows don’t fade, unlike fiberglass frames. Although fiberglass is a great choice because of its durability and versatility, it has a weakness. It doesn’t take heat well, making them fade faster than most window types.

Another advantage of Fibrex in the aesthetic department is a narrower frame. This is possible because of its strength.

The strength and durability allow you to make more subtle frames and glass. More glass also means getting more outdoor views. It’s what makes Fibrex a better choice for aesthetics.


Unlike vinyl windows, Fibrex windows aren’t plastic. They use a thermoplastic polymer combined with wood. It makes them more durable compared to most window materials.

Fibrex is at least twice as strong as vinyl, with none of its weaknesses. It doesn’t warp under the sun since it can handle extreme temperatures.

They can withstand extreme weather changes and fluctuations in temperature. They can last for a long time without losing the seals.

Fibrex also has the structural strength of wood. However, because it’s a PVC-wood composite, it doesn’t come with the usual problems common in wooden window frames. It’s not susceptible to moisture, so it stays rot- and mold-free.

Choose the Right Maintenance Free Window Company

As you can tell, maintenance free windows are the way to go if you want a more stress-free life. Windows should be protecting us and not the other way around.

However, you still have to make sure they’re properly installed. If you want to get the benefits mentioned above, choose the right company for installation and replacement.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your home? Check out our other guides to learn more.


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